Net Worth: How To Include Your Retirement Account


I received in a great question from a new reader yesterday, and frankly it’s one I struggled with a bit when I first put my Net Worth statement together:

I just discovered your site, and it looks as if it’s going to be very useful to
me. There is just one thing I need to clarify: how do you count a 401K towards your net worth?

I have a 401K of about $41,000. I also have a Roth IRA that’s just over $10,000.

Financial Peer Pressure, Stop The Influence!

I remember high school like it was yesterday. While I had many good times, overall high school wasn’t one of the more fun times in my life. I preferred college far more. One of the negative things I vividly recall about high school was peer pressure. I always felt like I had to have the best name brand clothes and shoes. I was always jealous of the rich kid’s new Mustangs, Corvettes and Camaros. Not to mention the pressure to have girlfriend.

My First Guest Post!

Be My Guest

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My first guest article has been posted by Brian over at Financial Dominance. Head over and read my thoughts about the costs of having a nice yard and how I’m not really sure it’s worth it.

Brian just updated his site with a “shiny” new theme as well, so make sure you tell him what you think. I think it looks great!

Carnivals for the week of 9/16/2007

Sunset at the Fair
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I went a little carnival crazy this week and submitted articles to 5 different personal finance blog carnivals. I’m becoming a bit carnival addicted recently. I enjoy participating and reading the great articles other bloggers submit. Most of all, I enjoy reading how the various hosts weave the posts together. I must say though, that PaidTwice has my favorite so far with her hosting article for the Carnival of Money Stories.

Here are the carnivals I participated in and links to the articles I submitted:

The End of Cash?


19% – Segment of the 2006 US Economy involving cash

Visa U.S.A Inc. recently conducted their annual consumer spending survey. Overall, respondents said that they prefer electronic transactions to traditional paper money and checks.

Visa’s chief economist Wayne Best said that 79% of baby boomers and 74% off echo boomers (the children of baby boomers) believe that the U.S. economy will be cash free as early as the next decade.

Money Saving Monday Tip #10 – Patience is a virtue

Waiting on Daddy

Romans 8:25 – “If we look forward to something we don’t have yet,
we must wait patiently and confidently.

When the iPhone was released I had serious phone envy. While I wouldn’t buy one since my company provides blackberry integration nor due to the high price. I do love the interface on the iPhone. As the release date came and I watched various online websites that were following the story, I couldn’t believe the number of people waiting in line to pay $599 for one. I mean $599 for a phone!

The Friday Gathering for 9/14/2007

Here’s a few of my favorite articles this week:

From the M-Network:

We're #2 on the list??

Bootstrapper has compiled a list of the 50 Top Business and Finance Blogs. I’m honored to be #2 on the list! I’m in good company as well with (#1), Free Money Finance (#6), Five Cent Nickel (#9), and The Simple Dollar (#10).

I strongly encourage you to visit the list and check out some of the awesome Christian blogs listed. I added a bunch to my reader this morning!

Thanks Bootstrapper for compiling the list. It’s truly an honor to be included amoungst what I consider some of the best PF blogs in the internet.

How Do You Know You're in Debt?

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Talking with some friends the other day, I came to realize that many people in debt aren’t even truly aware of it. How can this be? Modern society has somewhat changed the definition of debt or at the very least has managed to put itself into denial about about what debt truly is and means.

From wikipedia debt is:

Debt is that which is owed; usually referencing assets owed, but the term can cover other obligations.

Get Rid of Your Debt Instantly!!

We decided to visit the fair last night. In the arena section of the fair, there is what I call a “vendor” section that is full of tables and displays for local politicians, government agencies and businesses. As we were walking by, a large green sign caught my attention. It read:

Get out of Debt
Eliminate all of your debt instantly!!
Everyone qualifies nobody turned down

I thought for a second about walking over and inquiring about the company just to do a little “heckling”, but decided I didn’t want to ruin the wonderful evening we had.

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