Sunday Lyrics – Homesick


The first time I heard MercyMe was on our local Christian radio station. The station was playing their first big hit, I can only imagine. The song is powerful, and both Bart’s voice and the band’s sound was unique. They quickly become my favorite band. Not only were they incredibly good, they seemed to somehow escape that non-professional sound I was used to. MercyMe seemed to be the first band to actually sound as good in quality as popular secular bands.My personal favorite song by MercyMe is Homesick found on their Undo CD released in April of 2004. Here are the lyrics:

The Friday Gathering for 12/14/2007

Noah’s ark Christmas Lights

4:00pm today signals the beginning of 3 weeks of vacation. I don’t have to return to my real job until January 7th! I have been looking forward to this for weeks now. We aren’t planning to go anywhere, but I look forward to spending some time with my wife and children and just enjoying the holiday season. Since I haven’t completed all of my Christmas shopping yet, I guess I will have to venture out into the shopping chaos a little.

Holiday Helper: Tips for Buying Gift Cards

Christmas Shopping

This is a guest post by Linda Bustos who is an editor for Creditor Web, where you can learn about credit cards or chat in the credit forum.

A recent survey by BIGResearch reports that 69% of consumers plan to give at least one gift card this year, and over 50% of consumers hope to find a gift card in their stocking, under their tree or in their email inbox. Gift cards are convenient last – minute fixes for holiday shopping dilemmas and give recipients more freedom to choose what they really want or need. Americans will spend an estimated $26 Billion on gift cards this year, but as with anything, consumers need to know how to shop for gift cards wisely.

Thank God for Credit Cards!

Bible on the beach

“Thank God for Credit Cards!” where the words spoken my our neighbor and minister’s wife while talking one evening at our local Toys-R-Us. We had taken the kids over to Toys-R-Us to help them come up with their Christmas list. While browsing through the store, we heard a friend shout “Hey!” (southern speak for Hello) and looked around to find our neighbor also in the store doing the same thing. The conversation focused around Christmas and the amount of gifts we where buying this year and how much they would cost. I mentioned we were much better off this year as we had been saving gradually for Christmas throughout the year. She looked at us, laughed and said “Thank God for Credit Cards!”.

Chase doesn't really love me they just act like it


Broken heart

I just hung-up the phone with Chase after once again trying to request a rate reduction. I called them as almost weekly I receive convenience check offers and balance transfer offers from them for 0% and 4.99%. The cover letters always begin with “A special offer for a valued Chase Customer…your account has some exciting news for me!” Wow, I’m a valued customer and my account has some news for! They must love me! No not really…

Why are Nintendo Wii's so hard to find?

Needle in a Haystack?
Photo by Curugon

Have you been searching in vain for a Wii? We have, and every store we visit is out of stock. Finding one is like finding a needle in haystack. We get one of two responses 1) “We receive our shipments on Sunday mornings, so come early” or 2) “They are drop shipped to us and we have no idea when we will get them. Just keep checking with us“.

Money Saving Monday Tip#19 – A better shave for less money

Barber Shop

This article is part of an ongoing series where I write about Money Saving tips and strategies each Monday. You can see the rest of the series articles here.

I’ve been shaving using disposable razors since the very first time I ever shaved. Disposable razors work OK, but I never really got the quality of shave I wanted, and the razors are expensive. This is particularly true if you use one of the newer Mach III or Fusion razors. Sometime back, I found an article The Simple Dollar had written about shaving. Trent’s method of shaving sounded like something worth trying, especially if I could get a better shave for less money.

Sunday Lyrics – Where There is Faith


4Him has probably been one of the most successful and long lasting groups in the contemporary Christian music family. They formed in 1989 after coming up with the idea for a 4 man group while sitting at McDonald’s one day. Their final tour was in 2006 resulting in 15 years worth of hits. Each member decided to go there own way and do something different.

My personal favorites from them: Where there is faith, Measure of a man, The Basics of Life, and For Future Generations. Here are the lyrics Where There is Faith, originally recorded in 1990 but re-released on their latest and last CD, Encore:

The Friday Gathering for 12/07/2007

Frozen House in  the winter
Photo by Robb Kiser

This week was a big week for me, I finally got my cast off from where from where I broke my wrist 8 weeks ago. My wrist is still pretty sore and stiff, but getting better each day. Hoping that by the end of next week I should have about 90% of my motion back. Just feels GREAT to no have that heavy, smelly, itchy cast on.


I participated in 5 carnivals this week, including a new one from Cash Money Life. Thanks to all of the hosts. I know from talking with others that host these how much work it is and really appreciate their efforts! Here they are:

How to make paying your year end property taxes painless

Tax Payment Sign

Do you wait until the last minute to pay your property taxes (also called real estate taxes), hoping the funds will just appear in a surprise windfall of cash? Of course we both know that never happens. This article will tell you how I stopped doing the same thing and will help you be better prepared. Start planning ahead, have the funds the pay your taxes when you need it and get some extra interest in the process.

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