My Financial Epiphany – The storm of my life


A Gather Little by Little reader, Gina, wrote a guest post earlier this week sharing her financial epiphany. Our email conversation started out with an idea she had of me sharing mine and then asking my readers to do the same. Instead, I asked her to share hers. She did so, and asked other readers and myself to share ours. Since Gina was kind enough to uphold her end of the bargain, this article will fulfill mine.

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps Step 1: $1000 Emergency Fund

Dave Ramsey baby steps - Emergency
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The M-Network is currently doing a series highlighting the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps for getting out of debt and getting your life on the right track financially. You can read about all of the steps over on Cash Money Life who kicked things off with a great introduction. As other members of the network add their articles, I’ll add them to the end of this article.

The first in the Dave Ramsey baby steps is establishing a $1000.00 emergency fund (there is an unwritten step 0 which you can read about on Debt Free Revolution and Single Guy Money).

Should we get rid of the penny?


A reader and friend of mine, Rob, pointed me to an excellent segment that was done by 60-minutes discussing the American penny. The segment asks the questions: How do you view the humble penny? A small part of bigger things? A useless drag on your pocket or purse?

According to 60-minutes:

  • It now costs the U.S. Mint almost two cents to make a penny and almost a dime to make a nickel.
  • Coins last about 30 years in circulation before they wear out.
  • The penny was 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc until 1982 when it became 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper.

My Epiphany – Time for a change!

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Gina, a reader of Gather Little by Little, wrote to me at the end of January and asked “When did you have your Epiphany about your finances?” She shared a little about her epiphany and then said it would be interesting to read about mine and others. I thought this was a great idea, and asked if she would be interested in writing her’s up as a guest post. I love the opportunity to allow my readers to guest post and I think Gina did a fantastic job (Thanks Gina!).

Save money: buy an engagement ring online!

Diamond ring

As many of you that have read this blog for a while know, November of 2006 was a devastating month for my family and I. For the first time in our lives, we visited a pawn shop and sold many of the items we valued, including my most of my wife’s jewelry, my banjo that she had purchased me for our anniversary a few years earlier, our video camera, and my wife’s first digital SLR camera I purchased for her as a gift to get her started in photography. Selling these items taught us a valuable lesson that some things are far more valuable than the stuff we have, but it was hard to do, and a very low point in our life. It’s amazing how when faced with not being able to pay your mortgage or put food on the table how quickly your priorities can change.

5 Simple ways I save money

Fixing the car
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This is a guest post by Jaushwa who blogs about “his journey through money management and investing” at Krazology. If you enjoyed this article, make sure you head over and subscribe!

I wasn’t sure exactly what to write for this article. I take it as an honor to write on this blog and I wanted it to be good. Since many of the good topics are all ready covered so well, I decided to put in my own unique twist. I decided to write about what I personally do to save money in order to separate as far as possible the amount I earn and the amount I spend.

Friday Gathering for 2/22/2008

Busy as a bee
Busy as a bee by elj3ff3

It never ceases to amaze me how up and down life can be. One week you have tons of extra time, you get caught up on your email, write a couple of blog articles in advance, knock out a few things on the “honey-do list” and even have a little time to relax. Then boom, the next week you are so busy you barely have time to eat.

Becoming a saver when you like to spend

Shopping List
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The following is a guest post by Lynnae of Being, a blog about frugal living and getting out of debt. If you like this post, consider subscribing to her feed via RSS or email. Make sure you pay her a visit as she was kind enough to give you guys a great article to read while I’m taking care of my kiddos!

You know the advice. Don’t spend money unnecessarily. You want to save money. You know you need to save money. But you’re a spender by nature, and you feel like it’s impossible to stop spending. How do you do it?

Hey, where's glblguy?

Hi everyone. I just wanted to write a quick post to let you know I’m still here. I had a two day off site meeting at the “real job” this week and due to some fellow team members being out, I had to work far more than usual. That finished up yesterday, and then last night my whole family except for me, got hit with a really bad stomach virus. I spent the night tending to them and I’m taking a family care day today to care for the kids and my wife who is also down for the count.

How to get a great deal on a new car – Part III

Huge Sale

This article is the final part of a series on how to get a great deal on a new car. Part I of the series focused on research and selection. Part II helped you determine how much you could afford, determining how much you’ll pay, and getting some initial deals either over the phone or on email. This article, will provide you with valuable information on how to deal with the sales staff, finance team and drive your new car home.

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