Great low cost Father's day gift ideas

Father\'s Day
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Father’s day is this weekend. Us Dad’s are pretty easy to please and finding great gifts at a low price is pretty easy too. Remember, Father’s day isn’t about how much you spend, but about how much thought and effort you put into it. Here are just a few ideas for low-cost father’s day gifts Dad will love:

Fix his favorite meal

They say the quickest way to a man’s stomach is through his stomach, and as a man I’d completely agree! Fix a really nice dinner featuring his favorite dish. All he’ll have to do is eat and relax. To make it extra special, let the kids help so they can tell Dad they cooked too. Personally I love country style steak and homemade mashed potatoes (hint, hint dear).

Ask me anything – The Answers

The Answer
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About 2 weeks ago, I gave my readers a chance to ask me any question they wanted. I ended up receiving more than nine different questions. I would really like to make this an ongoing series, so if you have a question you would like to ask, just leave a comment or contact me directly.

Here are the questions and my answers:

From Rose:

Save money using Ebates

Ebates Logo

I hate shopping. I hate dealing with the traffic, fighting the crowds, and driving store to store trying to find the best deal. The only exception to this rule is shopping at the bookstore. I could spend days in a bookstore…

Since I can’t stand shopping, I prefer to buy things online. I first heard about Ebates from my fellow M-Network buddy Patrick from Cash Money Life. EBates is a site that partners with various online merchants and gives you cash back when you purchase items through them. What this really means is that EBates pays you to buy the items you would normally buy anyway.

Sunday lyrics: In Christ Alone

Michael English

In the early 90s, Contemporary Christian and Gospel singer, Michael English was quickly working his way up the charts. His ability to take a song and make it incredibly powerful through his vocals caused Christian music listeners world wide to turn their heads in a big way. In 1994, he was nominated for and won 2 Dove awards and was #1 on Christian music charts.

The Friday gathering: M-Network Vacation Guide Edition

London at night
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Those of us in the M-Network participated in a group writing project this week that yielded 15 articles on vacations. 10 of which were published on Tuesday and the remainder yesterday. Just think, all of this great vacation reading just in time for your summer vacation! Coincidence? I think not…

You can read all of the articles by visiting our M-Network site where Pinyo has generously posted links to all of the articles. I really enjoy writing for these projects and sure hope you enjoy reading all of the great information as much as we enjoyed writing it.

The M-Network Vacation Guide – Are season passes for theme parks worth it?

Amusement Park
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All of the members of the M-Network are writing about vacationing. Frugal tips, ideas, experiences, personal accounts…everything. This is my second article for the week. Check out the other M-Network blogs for more!

For the past two weekends, we’ve headed to our local theme park right after lunch to enjoy some family time riding the roller coasters and relaxing in the water park. Wait…before you jump all over me about spending so much money, we can go as many times as we want this summer and not pay any more than we already have. How you ask?

A reader question: Budgeting and reminders

I have a question
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I recently gave my readers an opportunity to ask me pretty much anything they wanted and that they did. I’ll be answering all of the questions I received so far in an article next week; however, I did received one question that was on a big enough topic to address as an article of it’s own. A reader, I’ll name Liz, send me the following email:

The M-Network Vacation Guide – Low cost summer family vacations

Beach Vacation
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Today, all of the members of the M-Network are writing about vacationing. Frugal tips, ideas, experiences, personal accounts…everything. Check out the other M-Network blogs for more!

Here in the Carolinas its getting hot. Along with the soaring temperatures, gas prices are also soaring and the side effect is a bank account that’s looking a little thinner than I’d like. For the past few weeks it doesn’t seem to get dark until around midnight, our children suddenly have far too much energy and are coming home with no homework. Hmmmm…it must be summer and time for that summer family vacation!

And the winner is…. screenshot

The contest for the $75 dollar gift card giveaway wrapped up last night. More than 150 people entered. Each contestant that contacted me with the secret phrase embedded at the bottom of each article in my feed was added to a spreadsheet in the order I received the emails. I used to choose a random number (screen shot above), and the person who’s name and email address where in that row won.

A sincere thanks to all of you that subscribed and sent me the secret phrase. I sure hope you’ll remain a subscriber as I have some great articles planned out for the next few weeks!

Yahoo freecycle rediscovered

Freecycle Logo

Two weeks ago, I was reading through my blogroll and came across an article CleverDude wrote about how he got a Garmin GPS device for free on freecycle. I was a member of freecycle a long time back, but for some reason I can’t recall, decided to unsubscribe. I had forgotten all about Yahoo freecycle until I read CleverDude’s article, and decided I needed to give it a try again.