Ask me anything #5 – New York City!

Each week I give the readers of Gather Little by Little a chance to ask me anything. The only real rule is that I can decline to answer. I’ll do my best to answer as many questions as I can though. Have a question you would like answered? Just drop me a line or leave a comment!

Kim from Always In Style NYC wrote and ask the following:

Christian teen budgeting

Proverbs 22:6: Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Note from Glblguy: While the title of this article is Christian teen budgeting due to the Biblical references and emphasis on tithing, the majority of the concepts apply regardless of whether you are a Christian or not.

Budgeting along with spending less than you earn (i.e. following your budget) to me is one of the most important financial lessons you can teach your teenager. As your children enter the teen years, the the lure of electronic gadgets, name brand clothing, and expensive cars will begin to take their money.

How to sell a used car

I sold my 2001 Nissan over the weekend. I didn’t get what I was asking, but I got what I wanted and the buyer got a great little car. I tried a number of different marketing techniques and kept track of the inquiries I received so I could share what worked and what didn’t. Here are the steps I took took when selling my car and hopefully will help you with how to sell a used car.

Brand Spankin Used

While driving down the road the other day, I was behind a car that had a license plate frame that said “Brand Spankin Used from [Name of Dealership]”. I thought it was great little saying. I am a huge advocate of buying “Brand Spankin used”. The main reason is to save money.

Here are just a few things I like to buy “brand spankin used”:

  • Cars – In my opinion, paying the price for a new car when you can buy something just a few years old for a much lower cost is just crazy. My last 3 cars have been used and I doubt seriously I will ever buy new again. Buying a used vehicle is a great way to save money and the environment.

Should the church use debt?

This is a guest post from Kevin, the author of No Debt Plan. He blogs about getting and keeping you out of debt.

Just like any other church ours started out small. A handful of core families from a larger church decided they weren’t happy with the current direction of things and split off. Starting out they held church in ‘borrowed’ buildings – the homes of members primarily.

Soon that starter locations were too small for the number of people each Sunday, so the church moved to a ‘real’ church building. I don’t know all of the financial details of the transaction as it was before my time. I’m guessing there was some debt involved.

The Friday Gathering: Reader of the week

Wow, Friday already. This week has really flown by. I guess that’s the benefit of staying busy.

I know many of you are following our house situation and the move we are planning to make, hopefully sooner than later. No big update other than we continue to work on house to make it more attractive to potential buyers. We have new carpet being installed today and my wife is finishing up repainting one last room. Our realtor has a big open house scheduled for Sunday afternoon and we hope that brings some traffic through. Since school has started, we haven’t had one single showing.

Share your story: What's the most expensive thing you've ever purchased?

As part of a new series I’m starting, I asked you last week to share your story about your dumbest purchase. There were lots of great replies about cars, clothes, food, and even falling for scams. I found everyone’s replies really interesting to read and my hope is that everyone’s stories are not only fun to read but beneficial to others by helping them make smart decisions.

This week the Share Your Story question is: What is the most expensive thing you’ve ever purchased?

Why we used a real estate agent

Those of you that are frequent readers of Gather Little by Little know that we are have been in the process of selling our home, buying another one and moving over the past 2-3 months. Currently our home is up for sale, and we have a contract on a 4 year old home in the NC mountains that we can’t wait to move in to. Now if we an just sell our current home!

I’ve learned a great deal through this process, and thought I would begin sharing some of those learnings with you. Mind you, I am by no stretch of the imagination a real-estate expert, just an average guy whose learned a few things along the way.

You Need a Budget (YNAB) Reader Testimonial

I received a comment on one of my guest articles the other day from a frequent commentator here on Gather Little by Little named David. David is a user of You Need A Budget Pro and had this to say about it:

Frugal house cleaning

This article is part of an ongoing series called Money Saving Monday. Each Monday, I share tips and techniques you can use to start saving money.

I’ll confess, I don’t do much of the cleaning around the house, at least not on the inside. My wife and kids take care of that. I do most of the cleaning on the outside though along with keeping our cars clean. I know a number of personal finance bloggers have had some success with frugal house cleaning products, so I thought I would share some collective wisdom I’ve gleaned from them. If you are interested in some frugal car cleaning products, I did write an article about those as well.