The Shower Manager

shower managerAfter writing my article on teen money mistakes and talking about my discussion with my oldest son about his long shower and how much water costs it made a difference. I’ve noticed him taking shorter showers. Still not as short as I would like, but shorter. Unfortunately, my 2nd son seems to now be the guilty of the long shower syndrome as well.

I don’t believe they take long showers intentionally. After some talks with them, they don’t really realize how long they’re in there, especially in the morning when they are half asleep. I decided I needed some type of timer or solution to help remind them when a reasonable amount of time was up. So off to Google I went.

A little off topic: Offbeat Clips

My 11 year old son has been interested in my blogging efforts for a while. He’s tried a few different topics including cars but never found anything to keep his interest. His real passion is humor and he enjoys finding funny videos on YouTube and sharing them with his family and friends.

We discussed this a little and decided that creating a video blog would be right up his alley. I reserved a domain name for him, installed WordPress, and helped him find a good video theme to set-up his vlog. I then taught him how to create posts and manage the blog and he’s been having a blast. Just like his Dad, he’s obsessed with checking his stats,  but his traffic is currently really low. This morning he asked if I would “advertise” for him for free. How could I say no??

Can you fit through the eye of a needle?

This is a guest article from Bob who blogs at which serves as a resource for Christians to get practical tips, biblical revelation, and wisdom about how to handle our personal finances. If you like this article, make sure you subscribe to his blog.

Ah, you know the verse. It’s the one that people love to quote when they are trying to prove that Christians should be poor because it appears to be more righteous. Well, is it really?

Luke 18:25

“For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

The Friday gathering – No gas edition

Wow, this has really been an “interesting” week. First we started down the path of purchasing our new home, then the government announced the possible bailout package, and I turned 39 yesterday! Hard to believe I’m almost 40…wow, just writing that number is scary.

Update on our home situation

My wife and I just finished signing the contingency contract waiver on the new house we’re trying to buy. Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. I haven’t updated you on the latest news.

On Sunday afternoon we received the call we had hoped we wouldn’t receive. The sellers of the house we a trying to buy in the mountains received another offer and accepted it. They now had a back-up contract and invoked the 72 hour kick-out clause in our contract. The seller’s seem like great folks and conveyed that they felt bad and really wanted us to have the house, but needed to sell it. I could understand that and appreciated their thoughts.

How to sell your home fast in a buyer's market

sell your home fast

As everyone should know by now, the housing market has tanked. The down market is discussed on the news, in our local and national papers, and is a popular topic for personal finance and investment blogs. A quick search of returned more than 1,400 results for “housing market”.

Believe it or not, depending on where you live, it’s still possible to sell your home fast even in a buyer’s market. The trick is to make it better looking, easier to buy and easier to move into than anyone else’s home in the market. I’ve learned this through having our house on the market for more than 2 months now.

Marketing your online business – Part 1

Now that you’ve started your online store it’s time to market it. Time to make people aware of it and get them to start buying. There are more ways to do this and more than I could possibly even begin to mention. probably has enough books to fill a library on the subject. What I would like to do instead is mention that key marketing/awareness techniques that I’ve used for my niche stores and have been successful with.

Create your own economic stimulus check

The talk of the country over the past few months has been about when people would receive their economic stimulus check. Now the Obama campaign is talking about the possibility of a second economic stimulus check. I’m not exactly sure why, but I was thinking about these stimulus packages over the weekend. Instead of the government bailing out the economy, why couldn’t Americans create their own economic stimulus checks?

Create your own economic stimulus check

Economic stimulus checks are at the very least $600.00. How could the average American earn $600.00? Here are just a few of the many ideas:

Is the next generation already wrapped in plastic?

This is a guest post from Connie Prater, a senior writer at Connie considers herself a savvy consumer, a mom, a penny-pincher/tightwad and an above average Scrabble player.

We’re raising a generation of kids bound for a plastic culture. That’s a world where paper currency is obsolete, where you buy and sell goods and services through electronic, wireless or remote transfers of dollars, pounds and Euros. But you never, ever use cash.

The Friday gathering – Ayyyyy, Matey!

A Pirate and his bird

Ahoy! Today be September 19th. What’s so special about September 19th you ask? Well, for you Lubbers, September19th be Talk Like a Pirate Day! You can read all about how it got started on t’ website. Avast! They even have a tutorial for those new t’ pirate lin’o. I learned about Talk Like a Pirate Day from a bucko and co-crew member about 8 years ago or so who came t’ work one day sayin’ Arrrr, Avast, and usin’ other crazy words I had never heard of. A number o’ us picked up on it and shared it with other buckos.