4 ways to be better prepared for Christmas next year

This article is part of an M-Network group writing project, the 12 Days of Christmas – Personal Finance Style. Last year we started this little tradition and hope to continue it for many years to come.

4 ways to be better prepared for Christmas next year

I know, I know…Christmas 2008 isn’t even here yet and I’m already talking about next Christmas. For many, Christmas is a very expensive holiday and should be treated from a financial perspective just like a large purchase. Doing so means we need to plan and save for it. While planning for next Christmas might seem a little early, it’s not really. Allow me to share 4 ways that you can be better prepared for Christmas next year. I promise you’ll be far less stressed:

Ask me anything – 5th edition

Each week I give the readers of Gather Little by Little a chance to ask me anything. The only real rule is that I can decline to answer. I’ll do my best to answer as many questions as I can though. Have a question you would like answered? Just drop me a line or leave a comment!

Alisa writes and asks:

I wanted to know of additional ways to supplement my current income, which isn’t
very much. Thank you.

The stress of two mortages

If you’ve been following me here on Gather Little by Little over the past year or so, you’ll know about our quest for a new home. If your fairly new here or maybe even need a refresher let me summarize for you.

The 12 Days of Christmas – Personal Finance Style 2008

Last year the M-Network started something that we decided to make our own holiday tradition: The Twelve Days of Christmas – Personal Finance Style. Following the theme of the original song, we each wrote about different aspects of personal finance one for each of the 12 days.

This is the formal kick off for The 12 Days of Christmas – Personal Finance style 2008. As each of the M-Network members posts their articles, I’ll add the links here.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this ongoing tradition of ours. If you missed last year’s, you can read day 1 over at Being Frugal.

When is something too expensive?

My Dad and I had an interesting discussion the other evening. He currently has a standard definition TV and uses an antenna to receive local television broadcasts. With the upcoming requirement to go digital, he’s been trying to decide on what to do. His options are: purchasing a digital converter box, getting cable service, or satellite. He doesn’t want a satellite, but was considering going cable until I told him how much it cost.

Gas Prices Are In A Freefall-Will Other Prices Follow?

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you that the price of gas is WAY down compared to a month or two ago. Unless the soaring price of gas in the summer forced you to sell all your vehicles and ride a horse and buggy to work, you have surely seen and felt the relief at the gas pumps already. In my area of the country we just dipped below $2 per gallon and are now in the $1.89 range. I couldn’t be happier as I am finally able to fill my tank in one shot without feeling nauseous when I see the total cost.

The Friday gathering – ouch edition

My boys had been planning a big family football game the day of Thanksgiving. All of the kids and adults where going to play according to the plan. On Wednesday, my boys were out in my in-laws backyard practicing and my wife encouraged me to go out and play with them.

Thankful for you

I’m at my in-laws house spending time with family and getting ready to overeat and feel miserable the rest of the day. But wanted to take a moment to to let you know how thankful I am for you, the readers of Gather Little by Little.

Every morning when I do a quick check of Gather Little by Little to make sure the site is up and spend time reading any new comments, I am always in awe that more than 2200 people subscribe and read Gather Little by Little on a a daily basis. I never dreamed of 100 people reading this blog let alone 2200!!

Alternative income from the internet

One of the golden rules of investing is to never have all of your eggs in one basic, meaning don’t place all of your money in any one single investment. What you don’t hear discussed much is why it’s a bad idea to only have income from a single source.

Accomplishing your dreams – one step at a time

Everyone has dreams and goals, some big, some small. I have lots of them, but for me my two primary ones are 1) Be debt free and 2) Have my own company full time. Dream #1 is is fairly recent and became important to be in 2006. Dream #2 has been a dream since I as kid and just kept getting stronger as I entered the work place.