95+ Money Saving Tips – From the readers!

Money Saving MondayLast week I invited readers and bloggers alike to share (or blog) your favorite money saving tips. I also threw in the added bonus that the most creative idea would receive a $25 Amazon.com gift card. 37 of you chimed in and shared more than 60 tips! I really enjoyed reading everyone’s ideas and below you’ll find a recap of everyone’s ideas.

Want to know who won? I’ll tell you after I share all the tips!

Money Saving Tips from the readers:

Jovan Jones shared: When making a purchase; stop and consider all the hours you worked hard to trade away dollars for that item you want

3 steps to smart shipping spendings

In today’s climate of bad economy and higher fuel prices it is natural we need to save on everything. Online shopping offers us quite a number of cool opportunities – one of them is to save on gas by shopping from home and getting our purchases delivered to our front door. The following hacks will get you one step further: not only will they allow you to save money on fuel, they will also help you save on the transportation service.

The friday gathering – The creek edition


Not sure about you, but here in the NC Mountains we had some absolutely beautiful weather the past weekend and early in the week. Unfortunately, it was 35 again this morning after being in the mid-seventies for the past week. We really enjoyed the nice weekend weather and spent almost all of the daylight hours outside.

7 ways companies are cutting back this year


My mother in-law received word the other day that more than 10% of the people in her medium sized law firm were being laid off. Fortunately, she wasn’t one of them but it did get me thinking about companies and they types of things I see them doing to cut back.

Here are 7 ways ways companies are cutting back this year:

Delayed Gratification – A hard lesson for my teenage son


Saturday is trash day. Since we live in rural area, we don’t have trash service and thus an hour or so on Saturday morning is spent collecting the trash and recyclables, loading them into my Expedition and taking them down to the remote trash drop off facility. I generally bring my older boys since they are a little stronger.

What started off as a chore has actually turned into a fun time where we can talk and spend some quality time together. We discuss all kinds of things, and ironically enough, I’ve actually started looking forward to Saturday morning trash runs.

Paying for Medical Bills – Ask the M-Network

ask-the-m-networkThis article is part of the Ask the M-Network series.  Bobbi submitted a question and asked:

I have a medical bill that I want to negotiate down and just pay a lump sum. I do not think they did the testing they billed me for and the billing clerk said they did it because they have a report on it. :( How would you suggest I go about negotiating a one time payment and what do you think should be fair? The bill is $1580. I have no insurance. I do not have insurance and I was quoted $725 for the test, before I made the appointment. That is another reason I do not want to pay the $1580. The girl I talked to on the phone was totally not interested in what I had to say and I am not real good at confrontation.

Money saving tips – Share yours for a chance at $25

Money Saving MondayIn April of last year, I invited readers to share their favorite money savings tips and in turn I received 41 money savings tips. Almost one year later, I would like to do the same and see how many tips you can come up with this go around. I love reading yours tips as do my other readers.

If you have a blog, blog about your money saving tip and email me a link. If you don’t have a blog, add your money saving tip by adding a comment below. Next Monday, I’ll pull all of your tips together into one big money saving reader tips article. Have more than one idea? No problem, share away, the more tips you share the more we all benefit!

How California Changed Our Budget


The following is a guest from Shawna who writes at Two Working Parents. I’ve been reading Shawna’s site for a few months now and enjoy reading her blog and invited her to write a guest post for me. She graciously accepted. If you enjoy the article, make sure you head over and subscribe to Two Working Parents.

The Friday gathering – Followup on house problems


Last Friday, I wrote about the joys of home ownership where I mentioned some problems we were having with our new home: the refrigerator not cooling, a terrible sewer smell in the house, and the clothes dryer not fully drying our clothes. I need to add one more.

My wife and I started repainting last weekend. She just couldn’t deal with the green color that was throughout the main living level. As we applied the fresh yellow color, it became quickly apparent that our white ceilings had some type of sot on them. I did a little googling, and found that this is a by product of an inefficiently burning gas fireplace. Sure enough, inspecting the gas logs, they have black soot all over them too. So now I have to add a call to the gas logs company to my list plus repaint the ceiling!

Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan – Making homes affordable

Foreclosure Protection Program

Yesterday, President Obama rolled out another portion of his economic recovery plan, the eagarly anticipated:  Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan (also called the Making homes affordable program).

The $75 billion dollar program which runs through June 2012 does two things: 1) Helps more home owners refinance  at new low interest rates 2) Provides incentives to lenders and mortgage servicers to restructure mortgages to more affordable levels. Details of the program include:

  • Mortgages for single-family properties worth more than $729,750 are excluded.
  • Homeowners whose mortgage values exceed home value by more than 5% are not eligible.
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