Money lessons from the first personal finance blogger


Solomon most famously wrote the Book of Proverbs. Thoughts about money are prominent in both Proverbs and his other book of wisdom entitled, “Ecclesiastes”. We might even say that King Solomon was the first “personal finance blogger”.

My pastor recently spoke on the following passage from Ecclesiastes 11:

Apple vs PC – Help me out

macvspcPosting here in the afternoon as I need some help. Yeah, I know, I’m supposed to be helping you out, but hopefully you won’t mind me asking a question for a change.

I need to purchase a laptop for my blogging and Empty Cabin Media work. For a few years, I’ve been eying up an Apple Macbook Pro and spent some time yesterday reading up on them and comparing them to similar Windows based laptops. The specific Windows based model I want is a Lenovo T500.

When will I recieve my $250.00 stimulus check


As part of the 2009 stimulus package, President Obama made sure that everyone was included. For people that work they receive tax credits, for people who don’t and receive Social Security, he included a one-time $250.00 stimulus check.  Stimulus payments are slated to go to people who receive Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, railroad retirement benefits or veteran’s benefits. The total to be distributed? Over 13 million dollars. The 52 million eligible recipients started receiving their stimulus checks in May 7 of this year (2009).

My house: a cautious reason to hope


Many of you are well aware of my travails regarding the home that we own in another state. If you missed those posts, you can read them here and here. Many of GLBL readers have been very helpful with your suggestions and if you happen to be struggling with decisions regarding your house, I encourage you to read through the comment sections on the aforementioned posts. They are a great resource.

Creating a financial plan with eFinPlan


Ever get up one morning and decide you just want to take off somewhere?

“Honey! Kids! Come on, we’re going somewhere!”, John yelled as he looked for his keys finally finding them on the small table by the door. “Where are we going?” his wife and kids all yelled back unanimously. John was ready to go, “Just come on lets get going.”

Sunday gathering – How's your budget?


At the end of April I dared you to live 30 days on a budget. More than 23 people signed up and agreed to try budgeting. Most said they would begin the first day of May. Here it is the last day of May. How did you do?

  • Did you start? If not, how come?
  • Did you make it the full 30 days? If not, what stopped you?
  • What things did you learn?
  • Did you get it right?
  • Did you use my excel budget spreadsheet? Did you use software such as You Need a Budget?

Saving Pennies by the Pound: My Weight Watchers-Inspired Money Diet

This guest post is by Amanda Steinberg of DailyWorth offers daily personal finance tips for women by email.

I’m a Weight Watchers master. In 2003, I was 5’8″ and 160 pounds “” not exactly ideal for a 25-year-old single girl living in Manhattan. I spent three (!) years on Weight Watchers, and for two years, failed repeatedly. I obsessed over every drop of salad dressing and kernel of popcorn only to learn at my weekly meeting weigh-in that I’d gained half a pound. I quit multiple times, but would return months later with new resolve. Finally, in my third year, something clicked. I dropped thirty pounds in just six months.

Zero percent balance transfers at 3.99%. Huh?


Last month I applied for another Discover More card. I had to end up getting two cards as the first one in my wife’s name wouldn’t cover the entire remaining balance on my 29.9% Bank of America credit card (crooks!).

Before any of you freak out about me getting additional credits cards, I’m transferring the balances to get a reduced rate and won’t be using the cards for anything else. As a matter of fact upon receiving the cards I immediately scanned the cards and stored to images in Evernote then sent them straight to the shredder. I just don’t need the temptation laying around. I am sure I’d be fine, but I just don’t trust myself enough.

To what degree should finances affect life decisions?


Last week, I listed some some of my poorer financial decisions. Unfortunately, the picture that I inserted into the post seemed to give the impression that I viewed having children as a poor financial decision. That was not the intent and I took a little heat for that decision. But the discussion did start me thinking about the relationship between life decisions and money.

Winner of the Skinny on credit cards

the-skinny-on-credit-cardsThanks to everyone that entered into the Skinny on credit cards book giveaway. I received 22 entries and visited to pick to the random winning comment. picked comment #8…and the winner is:

Kim (the first one)!!

In her comment, Kim said:

This sounds like a REALLY great book, and I’d love to win it to give to my teenage nephews. They will be looking at colleges soon, and could use this advice to get off on the right foot financially, especially since I’m sure they will be inundated with credit card offers. And, with their father laid off and no jobs in sight, and me only a temp (with permanent employment a distant, slim, possibility!), and, worst of all, we live in southeast Michigan, every little bit of info and advice helps! Thanks for all the great advice and inspiration! Keep it up!

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