Friday Gathering: I saw the sun Edition

Spring is springing in my neck of the woods. I hope you see the light at the end of the winter tunnel where you live. Here are some articles that I recommend this week:

The second installment of my time saving articles was featured at the 246th Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.

An article about making money online, written by my boss was featured at the Carnival of Money Stories.

Dough Roller asked if renter’s insurance is worth the cost. My policy is eleven bucks a month. I think it is worth it.

How To Give Your Child An Allowance

Before I start with this morning’s article, I want to ask you to vote for me in the Free Money Finance March Madness contest. The best personal finance article will win the right to give $1,000 (generously provided by FMM) to a charity of your choice. I have selected a charity that helps children. Please comment on this post with the word “figures”. Thx a million!

Why go to bed early?

A long time ago, Benjamin Franklin or somebody said: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” When I was young, I had the habit of sleeping in on Saturday mornings, I remember stumbling up the stairs around 10 am and my dad said, “the day is half over!” When I started college, I quickly learned the benefits of getting up early in the morning. First period at my college was 7:20 am and I was assigned first period for my entire first year at school. The early class time was not my choice, but by the end of the fall semester, I learned to enjoy getting up early and continued the habit for most of my college career. I even started getting up early on Saturday mornings to spend time in the nearly empty library. I got so much more accomplished when there were no distractions (girls) in that venue.

High Yield Online Savings Account: Ally Bank Review – More Flexibility

Ally Bank
One of the best habits to do when making a budget spreadsheet is to create a monthly preauthorized deposit into a savings account. This cash can be used: to finance a purchase, for a vacation or as a basis for an emergency fund. So once you have determined the amount to be saved, you have to shop for the best high yield online savings account.

High Yield Rate: 1.39%

The very first thing we look at when thinking of a high yield online savings account is the annual rate. Ally Bank is offering a decent 1.39% (FDIC secured) interest rate.

Have you noticed any credit card changes?

I think that on the whole, most Gather Little by Little readers are not major credit card users, so most of you will not notice any credit card changes. Last Monday, several new laws regulating credit cards went into effect. I listed the changes in a post here at GLBL a couple of months ago. This month, we start to see the effects of the new laws. Here is what I have noticed so far this year:

Friday Gathering: Christian Finance Blog Edition

The  2009 nominees for the Plutus Awards are up and there are five nominees in the Religious Personal Finance blog category. Today, I thought I would feature a post from each of them. After reading, click over and vote for your favorite.

Jason Price at Bible Money Matters challenged us to leave an inheritance for your children.

The article, How to spend your tax refund wisely, was posted at Christian PF, but was also written by Jason Price. Busy guy.

Matt Jabs at Debt Free Adventure posted a somewhat controversial article entitled, One world currency-new world order.

Pros and Cons of Using Prepaid Debit Cards

Recently, I read a report about prepaid debit cards and their use. I was surprised to learn that more than 60 million Americans are using this alternative to a bank checking account. And most surprisingly, prepaid debit cards are not only used by people with poor credit. In some cases, it is the best way to manage your money with the lowest fees.

In order to better understand them, I decided to list the pros and cons of using prepaid debit cards:

10 principles for saving time Part II

On Monday, I shared the first five of ten money saving principles that I learned from my father. I say “learned” because while I remember them intellectually, I still struggle to apply them consistently.

6. Do it when you think of it.

This is the one that gets me most of the time. My dad developed a discipline in his life where he would take on a task almost as soon as he thought about it. There have been many occasions when he and I set up a time to do a particular job together and he would have it done by the time I showed up. Also, there are instances when he goes a little overboard, like when he starts vacuuming the living room floor when there is company in the house . . . or makes an important phone call during supper . . . The instinct to resist all procrastination is strong within him.

What I Like So Much About Making Money Online

A while ago, Larry wrote a very interesting post about how to start an online store. He well defines the right way to start your online store. I also share his point of view on making more money in order to pay back debt faster. While reducing your expenses is always a good budgeting exercise, you still have to stay alive and hopefully enjoy life along the way. To me, this is where online income comes into the equation.

10 principles for saving time Part I

I am not an expert in using time, by any means, but I am committed to improving my time management. There is a famous adage that says “time is money”. That saying is just about always true and if there are not monetary rewards for saving time, there are certainly relaxation and family rewards for redeeming our time.

The person whose time management that I most admire is my father. Sometimes my brothers and sisters and I joke that he gets more done in thirty minutes than the average person accomplishes in an eight hour workday. Except it isn’t really a joke. He is probably the most efficient worker/administrator that I have ever observed. I thought I would share ten of his time habits this week. Five today and five more on Wednesday.

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