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Luke 16:10 – If you cheat even a little, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities

David over at MoneyNing posted an article Say What You Do and Do What You Say. Seems David made a commitment to both stop wasting food by fixing too much at home and by bringing too much food home. David offers some good advice when he says:

When there is something we cannot seem to get ourselves to do, we should make the commitment to write it down (or tell the world like I did :)). It keeps us honest and helps us complete the task. Also, don’t forget to trust ourselves that we can do it because we certainly can!

It's on sale, it must be a great deal right? Not Always…

Shopping Cart

This is one of those obvious sorts of things that for some reason or another still seems to bite me.

We went shopping at our local “low priced” grocery store the other day to pick up a few items. As we walked into the store, there was a special display set up with 50-count foam plates priced 10 for $10.00. We decided this was a great deal and bought 10 packs (500 plates). I mean, 50 foam plates for $1 each, great deal right? Well, sort of…

Money Saving Monday Tip #1 – Use Price Protectr

Price Protectr

Update: The PriceProtectr website now has a shiny new user-interface, and a new mascot. They also added a retailers page which shows all of the retailers they support, along with information on the retailers policy and other important information

This is the first in an on-going series of posts I’ll be doing on money saving tips called Money Saving Monday Tips.

If you have any tips you would like to share, send them my way and I’ll consider adding them (and of course credit you).

Tip #1 – Use Price Protectr

How to Get Your Finances Under Control, One Small Step at a Time – Step 3 Create a Financial Plan

Eggs in one basket

Proverbs 13:16 – Wise people think before they act.

Having a simple and clear written financial plan is one of the key steps to Getting Your Finances Under Control. The plan will serve as a baseline for your understanding of where you currently are, where you want to be, and when you want to be there. It will also serve in helping you make future decisions.

Your personal financial plan should contain the following:

  1. Summary of your current finances
  2. Current Risk Management Programs
  3. Goals and Objectives
  4. Detailed Plan

Summary Of Your Current Finances

Emergency Numbers


Not sure where or how I got this list, but was scanning through some older saved
files and came across this list of emergency numbers.

10 ideas to help you teach kids to save money

Piggy Bank

Given our new perspective on money, my wife and I have been looking for opportunities where we can involve our children and begin teaching them about money.

Here are 10 ideas to help you teach kids to save money and about overall money management:

  1. Create a savings account for them. Preferably use one of the new online high-interest bearing banks, such as ING Direct’s Orange Savings.
  2. Start a matched savings program matching their savings dollar for dollar. This is a great way to teach them both about savings and 401k programs.

How to Get Your Finances Under Control – Step 2: Set Financial Goals

Step 2

Once you have recognized that your finances are out of control and walked away from the mirror, determined and focused to make a change, the next step to How to Get Your Finances Under Control is to set your financial goals. Goals are like destinations, they define where you are going and where you want to end up. How often do you leave home and not know where you are going? If you are like most people, you have one or more destinations in mind before you even walk out the front door. You know where you are going, and most likely have determined the most efficient route to your destinations in order to not waste time and gas.

7 Money Mistakes from Smart Money Magazine

Smart Money MagazineOne of the many magazines I enjoy reading is Smart Money, from The Wall Street Journal. For other magazines I read, see My Magazine Reading List.

In the July issue, Smart Money highlighted 7 Money Mistakes. I thought it was a really good article, and wanted to summarize it for you.

#1 Saving with the right hand and spending with the left

This mistake addresses the issue of how people save money, but spend unwisely. Some examples include:

  • Keeping a savings account that pays 5% interest while paying Visa 15%

My Magazine Reading List


In addition to books, I enjoy reading a few magazines as well. I don’t subscribe to a lot, as I find there are very few quality magazines. I also tend to prefer spending my team reading books and online blogs. Here are the few magazines I read cover to cover each month and get a lot of value add and enjoyment from reading:

Money – In my opinion the best all around personal finance magazine available. The articles are varied and they always have great feature stories that I always enjoy reading.

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day off, getting some well deserved R&R, and maybe even going to see some fireworks this evening!

As we celebrate this 4th of July and our freedom, I ask that we all pray for our soldiersfireworks.jpg around the world fighting for our freedom. Whether you agree with the war or not, we need to support and pray for the fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters fighting for the very thing that makes America, America…Freedom.

So what does all of this have to do with personal finance? Well, nothing and everything. Nothing in that this really isn’t a PF article, but just the glblguy wishing you a happy fourth!

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