Sunday Lyrics – In the Light

particle or wave?

For those of you that have been listening to contemporary Christian music for a while, this song will be a blast from the past for you. DC Talk was one of the first groups I discovered when I first began listening to contemporary Christian and I still enjoy listening to them today. Their music had a significant influence on the growth and popularity of contemporary Christian music in the 90s. Below are the lyrics to “In the Light” from their now famous 1995 Jesus Freak album. You can listen to the song here.

Sunday Lyrics – Turn up the music

Sun and Tree
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While driving home this afternoon, this song came on the radio. I think it has really powerful message about how we should live life. I particularly like one part that says: “And it’s not what you did, It’s how you live“.

Here are the lyrics to “Turn up the music” by Point of Grace. You can watch the video here.

Verse 1:
Wake up to the sunlight
With your windows open
Don’t hold in your anger or leave things unspoken
Wear your red dress
Use your good dishes
Make a big mess and make lots of wishes
Have what you want
But want what you have
And don’t spend your life lookin’ back

Sunday Lyrics – Cinderella

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13 years ago we decided to have our first child. He was the little boy we both wanted. A year and a half later, another little boy arrived and so the cycle began. We ended up with five wonderful little boys and while we love them dearly, there was something missing in our life…a little girl. We looked at a number of options, and after talking with our boys, we decided to adopt a little girl from Guatemala in 2006. She is almost 2 now, and has been a blessing beyond words in all of our lives. She is spoiled beyond spoiled, and not because of my wife and I, but because of our boys!

Sunday Lyrics – Word of God Speak

about to rain
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I’ve mentioned before that Mercy Me is my favorite Christian band, so I thought I would share another of my favorite songs with you. I can really relate to this song, as sometimes I when I’m praying, I’m just not sure what to ask for or how to say it. Sometimes it’s best to just be quiet, and let God speak what he knows is in our heart.

Here is a video so you can hear it, and here are the lyrics to Word of God Speak from Mercy Me’s hit album, Spoken For:

Sunday Lyrics – Next Thing You Know

River Baptism
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While writing my article on teens and money this, the song “Next Thing You Know” by Matthew West kept popping into my head. I asked my wife this morning before writing this post what her favorite contemporary Christian song was, and she said “Next Thing You Know“. Not being one to think there are many coincidences in life, I figured I should use that song for this Sunday Lyrics posting.

So, in the spirit of teens, here’s the lyrics to Matthew West’s very popular and unique song “Next Thing You Know” from his hit album from 2005, History. You can listen to the song by watching this great YouTube video:

Sunday Lyrics – Sometimes He Calms The Storm

Drama on high sea
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Ever have a storm blow into your life and no matter how much you pray it just doesn’t seem to blow over as quickly as you would like? Have you ever wondered if God was really listening and hearing your prayers? I know I have, far too many times.

Last year was a very difficult year for us, and one evening, probably the worse in my life, I was praying for God’s intervention in my life. As I finished praying, a song come on our local Christian radio. It was one I had heard before, but this time I truely believe God spoke to me through the ministry of Scott Krippanye and his song Sometimes He Calms The Storm.

Sunday Lyrics – Everything To Me

Up on a hill
Up On A Hill – Photo by: trekkyandy

Today’s lyrics are from the song Everything To Me found on Avalon’s 1993 album Testify to Love: The Very Best of Avalon. The song tells us that you can know all of the Bible stories and lessons, but salvation and true peace is more than knowledge, it’s found through truly knowing Jesus and making him the focus in your life. Is He everything to you?

You can also listen to the song and see Avalon by viewing this video on Youtube.

Sunday Lyrics – I want to be just like you

Father and son flying a kite
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My oldest son became a teenager last week and my 7 year old turned 8 the day before. My children are quickly growing up around me and it’s both sad and exciting at the same time. Today’s lyrics are from a song that has met a great deal to me as I’ve watched my children grow up. The song has served as wonderful reminder of the example I need to set.

The song? I want to be just like you from Phillips, Craig and Dean’s 1995 album Lifeline. I found a video that a wife made for her husband that uses the song as background music if you would like to hear it.

Sunday Lyrics – Homesick


The first time I heard MercyMe was on our local Christian radio station. The station was playing their first big hit, I can only imagine. The song is powerful, and both Bart’s voice and the band’s sound was unique. They quickly become my favorite band. Not only were they incredibly good, they seemed to somehow escape that non-professional sound I was used to. MercyMe seemed to be the first band to actually sound as good in quality as popular secular bands.My personal favorite song by MercyMe is Homesick found on their Undo CD released in April of 2004. Here are the lyrics:

Sunday Lyrics – Where There is Faith


4Him has probably been one of the most successful and long lasting groups in the contemporary Christian music family. They formed in 1989 after coming up with the idea for a 4 man group while sitting at McDonald’s one day. Their final tour was in 2006 resulting in 15 years worth of hits. Each member decided to go there own way and do something different.

My personal favorites from them: Where there is faith, Measure of a man, The Basics of Life, and For Future Generations. Here are the lyrics Where There is Faith, originally recorded in 1990 but re-released on their latest and last CD, Encore:

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