How a credit card fast can help to get your budget under control

What is a credit card fast?

Pretty much what it sounds like: refusing to use one’s credit card for a period of time – a week, a month, three months, etc. Another variation of the credit card fast is to continue using credit cards, but restrict usage only to certain essential purchases such as gas, groceries or airfare, but not using the card for eating out, entertainment, clothes, electronics or any other kind of shopping.

A well-designed organization system can save you money

Have you ever spent more money than you intended because of a poor filing system or lack thereof? Have you ever missed out on money in your pocket because you misplaced or could not find certain information when you needed it? If you answer is “yes,” you need to take a minute in order to think through where and when you put things. Good organization is an oft-overlooked aspect of good money management. Here are just a few of the areas where it will pay dividends to carefully think through your desk and household organization.

Cash flow can be more important than debt reduction

My wife and I talk about finances on a fairly regular basis. Recently during one of our conversations, we discussed the pros and cons of paying off a particular debt versus placing the earmarked money in our savings account. My wife was of the mind that we needed to pay off that debt immediately, however, I was concerned that paying off the debt might leave us in a precarious situation as far as our cash flow – the title of this post probably indicates who won that argument. My point is that paying off debt is a good thing and can almost be a bit of a rush. However, if you pay off a debt, but leave yourself with no surplus cash flow, no emergency fund or limited savings, you could be in worse trouble when unexpected expenses pop up.

Avoid spending money while “on tilt”

For those of you who watch professional poker or even play the game once in a while, you understand when a player is “on tilt”. Tilt is when a poker player is making decisions with emotion and not playing according to a disciplined strategy. Being on tilt is usually the result of an emotional reaction to the events of the game. A poker player who is on tilt can often be taken advantage of by the other players and if he does not get control of his emotions, his continued presence in the game is at risk.

10 outstanding iPhone applications for your financial needs

As Frank Hubbard puts it, “The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket”. Do you think this is the only way out to save more money? No, it can never be this. Man is subjected to temptation and no one can ignore the sensation that money gives. However, the smarter way for you is to think and spend, than spend to think. If you are a geek or love gadgets, here is something very exciting for you. iPhone applications can now boost up your finances.

Our Bank Network

I am a numbers guy . . . a little obsessive compulsive . . . I like organization and strategic planning. I understand if some of you might think this kind of information is a little “wonky”, but I thought I would lay out our bank set-up for you and see what you think. This is the bank set-up that Mrs. Stew and I have used for almost four years now:

Get a Day-to-Day Credit Card and Make Money!

cash back credit cardSince I recently bought this blog, I keep going back in time through the GLBL history and read its previous articles. Larry has a great grasp on his personal finances yet we have a different perception of the very same topic. One article caught my attention: No Credit Cards; Here’s why. In this post, Larry was explaining why he wasn’t even carrying a credit card anymore. These pieces of plastic often have the strongest voice suggesting:

“You can buy it now, it’s on sale and you will save money!”

“Buy it now and you will have another 30 days to pay it back”

Got change?


No, not change in the quarter, nickel, dime sense, but change in the lifestyle sense.

Can a person change? Do people change? Will you ever be able to change your finance habits? Many readers of this blog are like I was over three years ago – spending more than I was making and starting to pile up mounds of debt. Other readers have successfully put that stage of life behind them and are starting to build real wealth – the rest of us are somewhere in between.

7 Quick Numbers To Fix Your Personal Financial Situation


Author: Mike

When we talk about personal finance, there are several rules of thumb that can help you build a solid financial plan. Here are a few numbers to remember when you want to improve your personal financial situation.

Aim for a Credit Score of 750

A credit score may vary from 300 to 900 but most people have a score between 600 and 800. A great credit score will open the doors to get better rates on:

– credit cards,

– insurance (car, home, life, etc),

– personal loans including car loans,

Save Money through Your Network


I decided to share a few of my tricks to save money. Since my wife stays at home with our two kids, we must be careful with our spending and make sure we make savvy purchases.

We have lived together for the past 10 years. When we first started, we got all our furniture from friends and family. Absolutely nothing was new. While it was great 10 years ago, second hand furniture still has a maximum life expectancy! Recently, we had to buy a new bed for us (my mattress and my bed was 30 year old!) and another one for Amy (she just turned 2 so it was time for her to move up, into a real bed).

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