Why are Nintendo Wii's so hard to find?

Needle in a Haystack?
Photo by Curugon

Have you been searching in vain for a Wii? We have, and every store we visit is out of stock. Finding one is like finding a needle in haystack. We get one of two responses 1) “We receive our shipments on Sunday mornings, so come early” or 2) “They are drop shipped to us and we have no idea when we will get them. Just keep checking with us“.

It's on sale, it must be a great deal right? Not Always…

Shopping Cart

This is one of those obvious sorts of things that for some reason or another still seems to bite me.

We went shopping at our local “low priced” grocery store the other day to pick up a few items. As we walked into the store, there was a special display set up with 50-count foam plates priced 10 for $10.00. We decided this was a great deal and bought 10 packs (500 plates). I mean, 50 foam plates for $1 each, great deal right? Well, sort of…

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