Save money while traveling


A frugal vacation is almost an oxymoron, but there are some small ways that our family has developed to reduce travel costs. Frankly, my idea of a vacation involves staying home . . . so maybe there is such a thing as a frugal vacation. Anyway, my job and our current financial situation do not allow for traditional vacations in the sense that we go to a particular location for the purpose of relaxation and entertainment. Our vacations merely consist of traveling to see family – we live roughly a thousand miles from both major relative groups – or work related trips. We spend a great deal of time on the road.

ING Compare Me – See how you're doing against your peers


I received an email from ING this week making me aware of a new site (or at least new to me) they have called ING Compare Me ( The site is basically a tool that allows you to compare your savings and debt against others like you. To be honest, I’ve never really gotten a great deal of value out of comparing myself to others, but thought I would check it out as it sounded interesting.

3 steps to smart shipping spendings

In today’s climate of bad economy and higher fuel prices it is natural we need to save on everything. Online shopping offers us quite a number of cool opportunities – one of them is to save on gas by shopping from home and getting our purchases delivered to our front door. The following hacks will get you one step further: not only will they allow you to save money on fuel, they will also help you save on the transportation service.

5 dollars really adds up!


I read about a woman who saved her $5 bills for 3 years and saved $12,000! I thought it would be cool to conduct my own experiment & see what I could do for the month of December. Up until this decision, I didn’t use a lot of cash, mostly my debit card, but I had wanted to transition over to cash (for more accountability) anyway, so this was the perfect time. I took out my ‘play’ money at the beginning of December and went on with life.

You might want to invest in a locking gas cap

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Don’t have a locking gas cap? You just might want to consider getting one. As gas prices are rising, so are the number of reported thefts of gas from people’s cars. Armed with siphon hoses, drills and even weapons, gas thieves are on the hunt for your gas.

MSNBC recently ran a story that told a story about a tanker driver named Bobby Lee Julien whose gas tanker was stolen at gun point. While the tanker was finally recovered, authorities believe the gas in the tanker was destined for the black market.

Gas prices – Do people really care?

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Over the weekend I headed to the NC Mountains to spend the weekend with my wife and kids who were already there. While driving up, I really focused on practicing some of the hypermiler techniques I wrote about last week. The main one being going the speed limit. While it did seem to make a big difference on my gas mileage, I literally felt like I was the slowest person on the road.

How to be a hypermiler

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Gas prices are on the rise, and people are getting extremely creative in coming up with ways to get the maximum amount of miles out of each gallon of gas. A rare group called hypermilers modify their driving habits significantly to improve mileage and reduce vehicle emissions. Hypermiling also generally involves driving a hybrid vehicles like the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius. Two years ago I would have laughed at the whole hypermiling concept, but with gas prices the way they are now, I thought I’d better do a little research and learn more about hypermiling. Here’s some information about how to be a hypermiler:

Great low cost Father's day gift ideas

Father\'s Day
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Father’s day is this weekend. Us Dad’s are pretty easy to please and finding great gifts at a low price is pretty easy too. Remember, Father’s day isn’t about how much you spend, but about how much thought and effort you put into it. Here are just a few ideas for low-cost father’s day gifts Dad will love:

Fix his favorite meal

They say the quickest way to a man’s stomach is through his stomach, and as a man I’d completely agree! Fix a really nice dinner featuring his favorite dish. All he’ll have to do is eat and relax. To make it extra special, let the kids help so they can tell Dad they cooked too. Personally I love country style steak and homemade mashed potatoes (hint, hint dear).

The M-Network Vacation Guide – Are season passes for theme parks worth it?

Amusement Park
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All of the members of the M-Network are writing about vacationing. Frugal tips, ideas, experiences, personal accounts…everything. This is my second article for the week. Check out the other M-Network blogs for more!

For the past two weekends, we’ve headed to our local theme park right after lunch to enjoy some family time riding the roller coasters and relaxing in the water park. Wait…before you jump all over me about spending so much money, we can go as many times as we want this summer and not pay any more than we already have. How you ask?

The M-Network Vacation Guide – Low cost summer family vacations

Beach Vacation
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Today, all of the members of the M-Network are writing about vacationing. Frugal tips, ideas, experiences, personal accounts…everything. Check out the other M-Network blogs for more!

Here in the Carolinas its getting hot. Along with the soaring temperatures, gas prices are also soaring and the side effect is a bank account that’s looking a little thinner than I’d like. For the past few weeks it doesn’t seem to get dark until around midnight, our children suddenly have far too much energy and are coming home with no homework. Hmmmm…it must be summer and time for that summer family vacation!

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