Select CD Rates Review

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Looking for a good (does it still exist?) certificate of deposit rates? I believe I have found the best place to do some rate shopping! Going through the website, I was able to find very interesting economic information along with the best CD rates in several States (they service 20 States including California, Texas, Florida and New York).

What is Select CD Rates? ; The Place Where I Bought My Laptop Messenger Bag

messenger laptop bagI have been looking for a laptop bag for a while now. Since I ride a bus every morning and evening (35 minutes each way), I write most of my articles there. It is a nice way to be productive instead of just watching the cars stuck in the traffic on the bridge ;-)

I used to have a full leather bag for my laptop but I didn’t really like it for 2 reasons.

#1 It was too big. This was really convenient when I was going to school but now I am drained by its weight and am constantly bumping into stuff while walking.

Nuru Personal Finance Cards Review and Giveaway

nuru-cardsSometime back I received a deck of Nuru Personal finance cards in the mail from the folks over at Nuru Planet. Basically what Nuru Planet has done is take a vast amount of personal finance information and placed it on a deck of cards about the same size as a standard deck of playing cards (2.5″ x 3.5″).

Each card contains information on a personal finance topic that is both informative and easy to read. The deck consists of 28 cards that cover 7 different categories:

  • Essential Vocabulary
  • Personal Planning
  • Investing
  • Loans
  • Retirement Vehicles

What's the Dillyeo?

Like most everyone I love finding something I’ve been wanting or needing on sale or at a greatly reduced price. For this reason I visit almost daily. I seldom buy anything though, as I work hard to avoid impulse buying. When they have something that’s on my list, I’ll buy in a heart beat. Woot is great, but they only offer one item per day. I wanted other options. I came across the other day. Yes, Dillyeo….as in “What’s the Dillyeo?”

The Shower Manager

shower managerAfter writing my article on teen money mistakes and talking about my discussion with my oldest son about his long shower and how much water costs it made a difference. I’ve noticed him taking shorter showers. Still not as short as I would like, but shorter. Unfortunately, my 2nd son seems to now be the guilty of the long shower syndrome as well.

I don’t believe they take long showers intentionally. After some talks with them, they don’t really realize how long they’re in there, especially in the morning when they are half asleep. I decided I needed some type of timer or solution to help remind them when a reasonable amount of time was up. So off to Google I went.

SmartyPig Review and a $50.00 Giveaway

SmartyPig logo

SmartyPig is a recently launched website that lets individuals or families set specific savings goals and make specific contributions to those goals on an automated and recurring basis. With SmartyPig, savings accounts are goal oriented and not just a place where money is stashed. SmartyPig partnered with Westbank to set-up high interest (4.30% at the time of this review) savings accounts to save for these goals.

SmartyPig is all about saving for goals such as vacations, books, a new lawn mower, etc. SmartyPig allows and encourages family and friends to chip in and help you out by contributing to your goals through the the site. Savings goals can be made private or public when the y are initially created.

You Need a Budget (YNAB) Review


For the past 3-months or so I’ve been searching for the right software to use to manage our budget. I’ve looked at many different options and even tried using them with little success. As a result, I’ve struggled with maintaining our budget as well. I don’t need a budget, I need budget software! I’ve been using my own clunky spreadsheet. It works, but was tedious. I didn’t like the fact that it wasn’t easy to report on my various budget categories nor was I able to import bank transaction data easily.