A Night At The County Fair – Memories are priceless

County Fair

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We decided to visit the county fair last night. We’ve gone over the past years more frequently then not and every time I go I continue to be shocked at how expensive it is.

We actually have a pretty decent little fair. There are lots of rides, food, and animals for the kids to see. Of course my kids love the rides, and my wife and I love the food! Did I mention how expensive it was?

7 Stupid Financial Mistakes I've Made

BMW M3 Convertible


Romans 8:28 – “…And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God”.

No, I didn’t make the mistake of buying a BMW M3. Some day maybe, but when I do it won’t be a mistake. Here’s 7 financial mistakes that I’ve made that hopefully others will benefit from and not make the same mistakes. Read on and you’ll see how the BMW plays in, but nothing like a shiny red car to get your attention huh?

1. Living On More Than I Made

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