Sometimes it's just better to pay someone

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This is more of a story than a financial lesson, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it. It does come to a personal finance topic at the end, so hang in there.

Our house is about 15 years old now. Things are beginning to fail, the roof is getting old, and it seems like there is something constantly requiring repair. This is particularly true of the siding and trim, since our house doesn’t have vinyl siding. Replacing the rotten or bowed wood is a constant battle but one I generally don’t mind doing. I’m fairly good with my hands and enjoy the labor and satisfaction of doing the repairs myself.

Geesh, It's only $5.00 – A story of financial peer pressure

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“Geesh, It’s only $5.00!“. These were the words I heard uttered by one friend to another in a store we were shopping in a few weeks back. While I didn’t over hear the entire conversation, the two ladies were discussing some type of clothing accessory they were both looking at. Based on what I could tell, the one lady was trying to convince the other lady to purchase one as well. The one expressing the concern with the $5.00 cost was resistant and received the “It’s only $5.00” response in return.

Why do I still have to carry cash?

Cash Only
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I’m trying really hard to stop using cash. But it seems no matter how hard I try, I run into some situation that requires cash. Some weeks back, we decided to take a ride on the new light rail system our city recently built. I did all the research online on where the stations were located, how to get there, and even how much it would cost. On the price page, both the Visa and Mastercard logos were prominently featured. Great, I can just use my debit card.

My Financial Epiphany – The storm of my life


A Gather Little by Little reader, Gina, wrote a guest post earlier this week sharing her financial epiphany. Our email conversation started out with an idea she had of me sharing mine and then asking my readers to do the same. Instead, I asked her to share hers. She did so, and asked other readers and myself to share ours. Since Gina was kind enough to uphold her end of the bargain, this article will fulfill mine.

Why you should keep your money in your 401k plan

Dinner with Friends
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We had some friends over for dinner the other night. We try to get together with them about once a month. Pretty much every time they come over, Mike either asks me questions about his 401k or brings over some 401k paper work he needs some help with. Mike is a really hard worker who builds patios and decks for a national outdoor room company. He knows a tremendous amount about building houses, rooms, patios, decks, and fixing cars but he knows little to nothing about finances or investing. Mike, his wife and their three girls have been friends of ours for a long time, and I don’t mind helping him out at all.

Why Do I Always Find a Better Deal AFTER I buy it?

Blood Pressure Meter
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You may have noticed a new widget on the bottom of my right-hand sidebar. I added this new widget as I noticed it was offering some outstanding deals on other blogsĀ  that had it installed. Well, today, the “deal of the day” is a $19.99 blood pressure meter.

The last few times I’ve been to the doctor, my blood pressure was higher than it should be. Each time, this was attributed to “white coat” syndrome. Recently, I went to have my broken wrist checked and my blood pressure was high again. I decided to test the “white coat” theory by getting my own blood pressure monitor and checking it at various times during the day.

To Whomever Stole My Debit Card


To: Whomever Stole My Debit Card:

I am not sure who you are, but I thought I would take a minute to write to you and let you know the negative impact you had on my life over the weekend.

Sometime after I visited Walgreens on Thursday, you found my debit card and obviously decided to take the opportunity to use it, not just once, not just twice, but at least 10 different times before I realized it was missing.

Murphy Please Go Away!

(no, this is not my arm)

Matthew 16:23 – “Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me…”

Ever have one of days, weeks, months, or even years where things just seem to go wrong? In the Glblguy’s household it has been one of those months. It seems like for every one step forward, we take 10 steps back. Thank God though that he provided me with the knowledge to establish an emergency fund. Our emergency fund has been a true blessing this month. Let me explain…

6 Financial Decisions – Don't Learn The Hard Way

Learning the Hard Way
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This article is part of an M-Network group writing project. We are all writing articles revealing our best and worst financial decisions. See the end of this article for links to other M-Network member articles!

I’ve made a number of good and bad financial decisions in my life. Unfortunately until about a year ago, the majority of them where bad. I could list far more than 6 decisions and frankly could probably write a whole book on the them. To keep from completely boring you though, I’ll only share 3 of each. My sincere hope is that you can learn a little something from my decisions and maybe avoid learning things the hard way like I did.

Finding and Killing Nemo along with my Debt Snowball

Reef Aquarium

About 4 months ago, I found a 75 gallon tank, wooden stand, glass tops and light for $150 on Craigslist. New, this equipment would cost close to $800.00. Using my Craigslist tips, I purchased it for $100, a steal. I had always wanted a salt water aquarium, and thus began my quest to set-up the salt water aquarium of my dreams, or so I thought.

By the time I bought all of the necessary equipment, chemicals, salt, and test kits my $100 dollar aquarium was now a $500 dollar aquarium.

Downside #1: Salt water aquariums require lots of high-tech and expensive equipment

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