Just a reminder

Just a reminder that I’m moving and won’t be posting for few days. Most likely until not until Monday the 27th and that’s assuming my DSL connection gets hooked up as promised. If for some reason I’m not back by Monday, hang in there I’ll be back soon and hopefully give you an update on how our move went and include some pictures!

If you just can’t wait that long (and you can’t right???) read back through my archives. There’s lots of really great articles in there…or at least I think so. Here are just a few:

From debt to investing

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The downward slide

In the beginning there was debt. A lot of debt…and then…some more debt on top of that. Credit card debt – pizzas, tvs, holidays, restaurants, gifts – how could anyone afford all those things in large quantities without using their credit card to finance it all? Eventually there was a line of credit which was used to pay off the credit cards along with that shiny new car and furniture for the house. Good thing the credit cards were paid off because they were necessary to pay for extra gas for the new car and new paint to match the new furniture. You said you wouldn’t use the credit cards anymore but somehow they got maxed out again.

How to read an appraisal

I mentioned in my Friday gathering last week that we received the appraisal on our new home. We knew we were getting a great deal already, but to see on paper that we were walking into a home with almost $40,000 in equity was a great feeling.

Our bank ordered our appraisal and used a company they contract with. I received a copy of the appraisal directly from my mortgage processor. Opening it up and reading through it was a little overwhelming at first. I had to do a little digging to figure out what everything met and how the numbers were derived. This was especially true concerning the comparable properties and how they compared the prices. That completely confused me at first.

Financial Motivations from Lisbet

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Some people find motivation to handle money wisely from their families. Others from experience. Still others have ambitious, worthwhile futures they’re working toward.

My motivation is a 9-year-old in Peru named Lisbet.

I first “met” Lisbet last December, on a table in the lobby of a concert hall.

The table for Compassion International had dozens of packets, all including a picture of a child in a foreign country who needed a sponsor. I pored over the packets for a long, long time.

The Friday gathering – Only 13 more days

The trees here in the South are just now starting the change. Thus begins my favorite time of the year! It’s also T-minus 12 days and counting until we close on our mountain house. I’m sure you guys will be glad when we finally get moved so you don’t have to hear about it anymore! Everything is going on schedule, the inspection was completed this week and only a few minor issues were found. The seller’s have confirmed they will fix everything identified during the inspection before we close. The appraisal came back yesterday and the house appraised for $22,500 more than we’re paying for it. That means we’re walking in day 1 with $22,500 in equity plus the amount we put down, which at this point should be about 10% or so. We had hoped to do more, but are keeping some reserves since our current house still hasn’t sold. I faxed off all of our bank statements to the underwriters yesterday. The mortgage company has everything they need at this point and will completing the final paperwork.

Ask me anything #6

Each week I give the readers of Gather Little by Little a chance to ask me anything. The only real rule is that I can decline to answer. I’ll do my best to answer as many questions as I can though. Have a question you would like answered? Just drop me a line or leave a comment!

Eric writes:

A little off topic: Offbeat Clips

My 11 year old son has been interested in my blogging efforts for a while. He’s tried a few different topics including cars but never found anything to keep his interest. His real passion is humor and he enjoys finding funny videos on YouTube and sharing them with his family and friends.

We discussed this a little and decided that creating a video blog would be right up his alley. I reserved a domain name for him, installed WordPress, and helped him find a good video theme to set-up his vlog. I then taught him how to create posts and manage the blog and he’s been having a blast. Just like his Dad, he’s obsessed with checking his stats,  but his traffic is currently really low. This morning he asked if I would “advertise” for him for free. How could I say no??

The Friday Gathering: Reader of the week

Wow, Friday already. This week has really flown by. I guess that’s the benefit of staying busy.

I know many of you are following our house situation and the move we are planning to make, hopefully sooner than later. No big update other than we continue to work on house to make it more attractive to potential buyers. We have new carpet being installed today and my wife is finishing up repainting one last room. Our realtor has a big open house scheduled for Sunday afternoon and we hope that brings some traffic through. Since school has started, we haven’t had one single showing.

Frugal house cleaning

This article is part of an ongoing series called Money Saving Monday. Each Monday, I share tips and techniques you can use to start saving money.

I’ll confess, I don’t do much of the cleaning around the house, at least not on the inside. My wife and kids take care of that. I do most of the cleaning on the outside though along with keeping our cars clean. I know a number of personal finance bloggers have had some success with frugal house cleaning products, so I thought I would share some collective wisdom I’ve gleaned from them. If you are interested in some frugal car cleaning products, I did write an article about those as well.

Gone fishing…

Ok, so I’m not fishing, but we did decide to head to the mountains for the weekend to relax a little and take a look at our “hopefully soon to ours” home. I won’t have internet connectivity to post on Sunday or Monday, but I’ll be back with some great stuff on Tuesday including an article on Roth 401ks and a new series I’m starting called Share your story.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Photo by: mmmarilyn

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