5 steps to follow to make sure you do not lose everything to the next Bernie Madoff

It was a good news story wasn’t it? Much of the world did not even know what a Ponzi scheme was, let alone that it could provide a way for Bernard Madoff to perform the single most important fraud ever. On the surface, it is interesting and certainly a sensational way to sell newspapers. But beneath the surface lies a much bigger issue. Fact is that almost any investor could be fooled by such a scheme. Many of the investors that lost everything did not even know they had investments with Bernard Madoff. It has become very important for all investors to take measures to avoid falling victim in similar situations. Losing your lifetime savings or every penny owned by a charitable foundation is tragic enough when you hear about it on TV. Just imagine when you are centre stage of such a drama.

Investing in charity


Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord thy God which He hath given thee. ~ Deut. 16:17

Charity is no easy subject, it is neither black nor white and there are certainly no right or wrong answers when discussing the subject. Since the end of my school days, it is a subject I have spent a good deal of time thinking about.  And I am still uncertain as to what is the best approach to take”¦ So, I thought writing about the subject and getting your input would be a good start to getting a better perspective of the subject. There are obviously many different ways to help, but in this post I will only be discussing the financial aspect of charity.

What is Social Investment and How Does It Apply To You

social investmentIn this first of our new “Investment Thursdays”, I decided to tackle a subject important to me.

One of the major trends in the past decade or so has been individuals stepping up to do their part in improving the world. The green movement has been the most visible as groups and individuals around the world have put up efforts to give out information about the harm being done to their environment. The power, of course, resides in the masses. For one person to start recycling their paper or building heir own compost bin has little impact but when millions around the globe do their part, the impact becomes a game changer.

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