Arming Yourself

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This is a guest article by Otherdeb (Deb Wunder). Deb is a 55-year-old writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to her writing (she is a published short story writer, and has a blog called The Dangling Conversation), she makes beaded jewelry and knits (and takes commissions for both), reads anything she can get her hands on, and gets paid to keep a high school cafeteria under control ten months a year. She is between half and three quarters of the way to becoming debt-free.

So you want to buy a house….

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This is a guest post from Darlys who writes at JasonandDarlys, her family’s blog about their journey through life. If you like what you read, you can subscribe to her blog via her RSS feed.

Entitlement vs. Earning: How to Avoid Harmful Help as a Parent

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The following is a guest post by Cameron C. Taylor, author of the book Does Your Bag Have Holes? 24 Truths That Lead to Financial and Spiritual Freedom

Didn't receive your economic stimulus check?

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Many people are wondering why they haven’t received their 2008 economic stimulus tax rebate checks. This is especially true for those that expected to receive their payments based on the schedule the IRS published and haven’t yet received them. To further confuse matters, the IRS also said they were starting 4 days early.

It just so happens that I was one of those that were a bit perplexed. I was perfectly fine waiting until the last day for my SSN range (May 9th). That is until I talked to my mother on Monday and found out she had received hers on Monday morning (5/5). She has the same last 2-digits for her social that I do…so I joined the ranks of millions wondering why I hadn’t received my rebate check yet.

Whatever Happened To 'No Other Gods'?

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The following is a guest post by That One Caveman from One Caveman’s Financial Journey, where he writes about his life, his family’s financial struggles and successes, and the various tools and tricks he employs to eliminate his debt. If you like what you read, make sure you head over and subscribe to his blog!

“I am the Lord your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt, the place of your slavery. You must not have any other god but me.”

Exodus 20:2-3 (New Living Translation)

Enabling the Perpetually Poor

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This is a guest post from Momma who blogs at Tales from the road less traveled. Momma and her family are on the road from debt to financial independence and she writes about the journey on her blog. If you what you read, make sure you subscribe to her blog via her RSS feed or via email.

Donna Freedman at MSN Moneyblog wrote a piece highlighting Frugal Dad‘s post Language of the Perpetually Poor. This post really resonates with me, but not because I myself have spent carelessly and lived outside my means, but because I’ve been an enabler of that mentality in those I care about.

Beware Promotions In Sheep's Clothing

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This is a guest post by Jim, who normally writes over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity and My Retirement Blog, who saw the sad empty post and wanted to help. :) Glblguy says: Thanks Jim! Nothing worst than a sad empty guest post!

Occasionally on BFP I’ll write posts in which I list promotional offers such as the Revolution Money Exchange promotion or a Sharebuilder promotion code or some free money credit card offers. With the RME offer or Sharebuilder codes, it’s a pretty straightforward offer with little downside. The credit card offers are different, they look soft and cuddly but they have some pretty sharp teeth you need to be aware of. I wanted to discuss those offers specifically because there are substantial negative impacts to taking advantage of them and you should be aware of them before you sign up.

This post, unfortunately left blank

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Well, it’s not blank, but there is no guest post! I’ve had two guest posts lined up for the past two weeks and well, the articles never arrived. See, each Saturday I like to host a guest article from other bloggers to both give you my readers a chance to read somebody else’s writing and to also give other bloggers some visibility.

Interested in writing a guest post? Please contact me. I’m not real picky and am interested in articles on personal finance, Christianity, personal development, and frankly lots of other topics. So drop me a line and let me know topic you’re thinking about and I’ll get you scheduled.

A Good Example of A Bad Debt Collector

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The following is a guest post by Cindy from Oh My Aching Debts, where she blogs about surviving the tough times, getting out of debt, and saving money. If you like this post, consider subscribing to her RSS feed.

Having written a great deal on dealing with debt collectors and negotiating debt settlements, this story by Fox in Philadelphia caught my eye. “Debt Collector Says She Is Coming For You” is an interview with a six figure salary collection agent who loves her job and a look at what these calls do to the lives of the people who receive them.In the interview the woman gloats about insulting people to their wives, neighbors, employers as well as to themselves. She is good at what she does because she is good at intimidating people and scaring them. It works because people like you and I don’t know our rights.

11 signs your mate has credit problems

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This is a guest post from Connie Prater, a senior writer at Connie considers herself a savvy consumer, a mom, a penny-pincher/tightwad and an above average Scrabble player.

Does he or she send you flowers at work? Wine and dine you at the best restaurants every weekend? Wear designer threads and always gets tickets to the hottest concerts?

Living the life of the rich and fabulous — à la Paris Hilton and the “baller” set — costs money. If your mate doesn’t have the income (or a trust fund) to support this spending, you should be suspicious. As David Jones, president of the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies, says, financial woes are often relationship killers.

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