Saving Pennies by the Pound: My Weight Watchers-Inspired Money Diet

This guest post is by Amanda Steinberg of DailyWorth offers daily personal finance tips for women by email.

I’m a Weight Watchers master. In 2003, I was 5’8″ and 160 pounds “” not exactly ideal for a 25-year-old single girl living in Manhattan. I spent three (!) years on Weight Watchers, and for two years, failed repeatedly. I obsessed over every drop of salad dressing and kernel of popcorn only to learn at my weekly meeting weigh-in that I’d gained half a pound. I quit multiple times, but would return months later with new resolve. Finally, in my third year, something clicked. I dropped thirty pounds in just six months.

Help Your Local Church


This is a guest post from the blogger behind Studenomics a personal finance blog that offers common sense advice for college students and recent graduates. Studenomics is the ultimate resource for young people looking for advice on how to survive this current recession, grow their careers, manage their finances, and still be able to enjoy the weekends.

How many times in the last 8 months have you used the excuse, “I would attend church today if I didn’t have so much homework.” Well guess what? You can longer use this excuse for not attending church since college is out for the summer. I’m realistic and I know many college students won’t read the Bible daily or attend church services regularly, but there are many ways you could help your local church.

Delay Gratification To Succeed


In today’s busy and hurried society, we want everything now. Think about some of the “instant” things we have in life.

On-demand TV programming. 30-minute 30-second meals. Instant messengers. Drive-thru options for just about any store (because who wants to get out of their car for anything?!). The list goes on and on.

We want what we want, and we want it now.

Welcome to America.

But if we were to go through each of our closets, dig under our beds, or browse around our attics, we would find plenty of items that would fall into the category: “I just had to have it.”

Top Ways To Lower Health Insurance Premiums


With increasing budget restraints, I have been struggling with health insurance premiums just like many others in the current economic situation. However, being in the business, I am considering some options to lower my rates while making sure I still have the best coverage when I need it.

Although it is more difficult, it is still possible to find affordable health insurance, you just have to know what to look for! As you probably know, your rates for individual health insurance will depend upon many factors. We need to examine these to determine what we can control.

3 steps to smart shipping spendings

In today’s climate of bad economy and higher fuel prices it is natural we need to save on everything. Online shopping offers us quite a number of cool opportunities – one of them is to save on gas by shopping from home and getting our purchases delivered to our front door. The following hacks will get you one step further: not only will they allow you to save money on fuel, they will also help you save on the transportation service.

How California Changed Our Budget


The following is a guest from Shawna who writes at Two Working Parents. I’ve been reading Shawna’s site for a few months now and enjoy reading her blog and invited her to write a guest post for me. She graciously accepted. If you enjoy the article, make sure you head over and subscribe to Two Working Parents.

5 dollars really adds up!


I read about a woman who saved her $5 bills for 3 years and saved $12,000! I thought it would be cool to conduct my own experiment & see what I could do for the month of December. Up until this decision, I didn’t use a lot of cash, mostly my debit card, but I had wanted to transition over to cash (for more accountability) anyway, so this was the perfect time. I took out my ‘play’ money at the beginning of December and went on with life.

Family Money Mangement – Helping Friends And Family In Financial Trouble

Family money management

When it comes to family money management and assisting friends and family who fall victim to the current economic crisis, most people want to help, but often have absolutely no idea what to do. 90 percent of us understand that the equation of “family + money” = “a particularly nasty” outcome. Hence, the dilemma resulting from being put in this awkward position, not knowing what to do, nor where to turn, can be a bit daunting.

7 Simple Ways to Start Improving Your Life


You begin by always expecting good things to happen“, Tom Hopkins

Improving our financial situation is something we all want, but this is only one part of the picture. Whether you’re rich, poor, famous, anonymous, happy, sad, good or bad we all want things we don’t have.

5 Ways religion can improve a young person's financial situation


The following is a guest post from Studenomics.

I’m not the world’s most religious person but religion definitely plays a vital role in my life. I try to follow my religion and it’s teachings as often as possible and make it a point to attend Mass Service every Sunday. Whether you realize it or not your beliefs (whether they are cultural, religious, etc.) play a large role in your everyday life and especially how you view money. The purpose of this article to show how any religious beliefs may improve a young person’s financial outlook:

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