4 Tidbits of Financial Wisdom Straight From the Bible

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This is a guest post by Pastor Eric Johnston of the Christian Prayer Center, a site to post and receive prayer requests.

At the Christian Prayer Center, we often get prayer requests asking for miracle financial blessings that include new homes, luxury automobiles, fancy motorcycles and the like. Instead of people praying for wisdom in effectively managing their finances, many modern day Christians pray that they will win large sums of money in a lottery, or receive another type of large windfall such as an inheritance from a lost uncle. Although miraculous financial events do occasionally happen to faithful devotees of Christ, we can look to the Bible for common, sensible advice in how we should behave when it comes to our pocket books and financial goals.

How to Get the Best New Auto Car Loan Interest Rates & Financing

Although it may be tough to think about spending any more of your hard-earned money right now, economic downfalls have created a great consumer environment for buying a new car. If you have a steady job, great credit, and are confident it can fit into your budget, you may be ready to make the leap towards buying a new car. If you do make the decision to buy a new car and you are not paying for it in full with cash, one of the most important aspects of the process is getting a quality car loan rate. Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

10 Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For

A guest post from Christian PF today:

Usually there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but that doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as a lunch discount. There are a number of things that people tend to pay full price for, but in reality they could get those same items for free or at a greatly reduced price, without having to sacrifice quality. Here are ten things you should have to pay full price for, if you play your cards right.

Does Scripture demonize money?

Today’s post is a guest post. I am interested to hear if there are any responses or comments:

How to Save and Live Through Christ Simultaneously

Perhaps one of the most prevailing misconceptions in our modern society is that the Bible is vehemently against money, in all its manifestations. Many self-styled “Christians” advocate that in order to truly live through Christ, one must give up all material possessions, since that is what He taught. While I can understand this line of thinking, I truly believe that Christ did not–nor would not today–demonize money as some have mistakenly done in America and elsewhere in the world. There is this image of Christ as a “socialist,” and to me, this is an absolutely sickening portrayal of Christ, if only because this interpretation seeks to superimpose politics on our Lord and Savior, who transcends any man-made political or ideological system.

Do Game Shows Want You to Win, or to Lose?

This guest post comes from Michael, a contributing editor of the Dough Roller, a personal finance and investing blog, and Credit Card Offers IQ, a credit card review site.

It’s rare that I can make it through a whole week without watching some kind of game show. Should the game show network ever make its way into my cable package, I’m deathly afraid that my life will cease to exist outside of my television. No one can argue the genius behind the game show greats like “Let’s Make a Deal”, “Press Your Luck” or “The Price is Right,” and with more and more new ideas debuting every year, it begs the question I’ve always wondered. Do game shows actually want people to win or to lose?

How to Properly Prepare for Filing Your Taxes

The following is a guest post from Manuel Davis. Manuel is a tax accountant and writer for BackTaxesHelp.com and helps individuals with various IRS problems.

How to Properly Prepare for Filing Your Taxes

While April 15th may seem far away, now is the time to start thinking about your taxes to ensure that your tax filing goes smoothly. The main causes of tax filing errors are rushing and not having all necessary tax documents on hand. Even if you plan to use a tax professional, it is important to start working with them early since it is likely they will be rushed towards the end of tax season. Below are some steps to follow to ensure your taxes get done properly and nothing is missed.

Cash ISA Guide

Anyone in the UK who’s interested in saving some money for a rainy day should definitely consider a cash ISA account – they make great financial sense, and are nowhere near as complex as their predecessor the PEP. This guide will go some way to explaining cash ISAs to you, and hopefully make you a more discerning spender”¦

6 Tips to Save on Filing Your Taxes & Preventing Penalties

The following is a guest post from Manuel Davis. Manuel is a tax accountant and writer who has helps individuals resolve various problems relating to unpaid taxes.

6 Tips to Save on Filing Your Taxes  Preventing Penalties

It is very common for taxpayers to end up paying more in fees and penalties on their annual taxes than they should. Below are 6 tips that can help you avoid unnecessary expenses and penalties that many taxpayers incur each year.

Best Free Events to Enjoy Almost Anywhere

Best Free Events for Kids this summer

Kids are famous for complaining to their parents that they are bored or that there’s nothing to do. A lot of adults who have recently switched over to a frugal lifestyle are starting to sound just like those kids. They simply don’t know what to do to entertain themselves if it doesn’t involve spending any money. Well, just like your parents told you when you were a bored kid, there’s plenty to do if you get creative.

Here are some of the best free events for kids that you can enjoy in almost any place that you might live:

Reverse Mortgages: Destined to be the Next Subprime Meltdown?


Reverse mortgages are suddenly coming under fire. But these unique loans remain an effective and at times essential financial option for seniors across the country – and they’re proving more popular than ever.

One of the federal government’s banking regulators this week warned that reverse mortgages may soon need greater oversight and scrutiny. John C. Dugan, Comptroller of the Currency, compared reverse mortgages in part to subprime mortgages, claiming some of their similar risks should “set off alarm bells.”

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