Friday Gathering: Cash for Clunkers Edition


I enjoy reading other bloggers and here are a few posts from around the personal finance blogosphere that I enjoyed this week:

Being Frugal wonders if there is ever a moral obligation to pay more. The reason cited in the post is related to employee compensation, i.e. should we choose Company A over Company B simply because their employees are better compensated – even if Company A costs more. I believe that a product or service is worth only what the market will bear. If Company A wants to charge more, they must demonstrate why their product or service is superior.

Sunday gathering – How's your budget?


At the end of April I dared you to live 30 days on a budget. More than 23 people signed up and agreed to try budgeting. Most said they would begin the first day of May. Here it is the last day of May. How did you do?

  • Did you start? If not, how come?
  • Did you make it the full 30 days? If not, what stopped you?
  • What things did you learn?
  • Did you get it right?
  • Did you use my excel budget spreadsheet? Did you use software such as You Need a Budget?

Sunday gathering – Busy, busy

As I’m sure you might have noticed, life here in “Gibble” land has been real busy for the past few weeks. Frankly for he past few months. I love being busy, as I’m not one to enjoy sitting still much, but a little less busy might be a good thing right now!

Let me just share a few updates on things I’ve been doing/working on. I know many of you enjoy hearing updates on the more personal aspects of my life. I can’t for the life of me figure out why though! Anyway, here you go:

Creek side patio


Sunday Gathering – Update on our rental house


Those of you who have been following me here on Gather Little by Little will recall that last year we decided to move up to the NC mountains. We put our home in Charlotte, NC up for sale and began house hunting in and around Waynesville, NC. Within a few weekends we found the perfect home, made an offer and inked a deal for purchasing it. Only one problem: our house in Charlotte never sold. We finally decidedĀ  to rent it using the services of a property management company.

Sunday gathering – Happy Mother's Day

happy-mothers-dayPhoto by: My wife

First and foremost, Happy Mother’s day to all of Mom’s out there. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful day and that your children and significant others show their appreciation for everything that you do and have done! If not…well, take a few days off and I’ll bet they will real quick ;-)

The Sunday Gathering – Weird week edition


Well, this was a weird week for me. I really struggled with not publishing articles on my normal daily schedule. Everyday I didn’t publish an article, I had this nagging feeling that I forgot to do something. Just goes to show that if you do something long enough, it becomes habit. Ever since July 2nd 2007, I’ve written an article everyday for Gather Little by Little. As of the time of this article, 621 articles! Wow.

The Friday Gathering – The spring sick edition


Seems that the sickness time of the year has once again come upon the “Gibble family”. I spent all of last weekend and Monday and Tuesday down and out with what I think was the flu combined with bronchitis. I was miserable. I’m still not 100%, but certainly feeling a whole lot better than I did. No sooner did I start to feel better, my wife now has the same thing and my 6 year old son came home from school early on Wednesday and has been diagnosed with the flu.

The friday gathering – The creek edition


Not sure about you, but here in the NC Mountains we had some absolutely beautiful weather the past weekend and early in the week. Unfortunately, it was 35 again this morning after being in the mid-seventies for the past week. We really enjoyed the nice weekend weather and spent almost all of the daylight hours outside.

The Friday gathering – Followup on house problems


Last Friday, I wrote about the joys of home ownership where I mentioned some problems we were having with our new home: the refrigerator not cooling, a terrible sewer smell in the house, and the clothes dryer not fully drying our clothes. I need to add one more.

My wife and I started repainting last weekend. She just couldn’t deal with the green color that was throughout the main living level. As we applied the fresh yellow color, it became quickly apparent that our white ceilings had some type of sot on them. I did a little googling, and found that this is a by product of an inefficiently burning gas fireplace. Sure enough, inspecting the gas logs, they have black soot all over them too. So now I have to add a call to the gas logs company to my list plus repaint the ceiling!

The Friday gathering – The joys of home ownership


I love owning a home and in general enjoy the challenges of repairing my own home, making improvements, etc. I say generally because what I don’t enjoy is the fact that most often the big problems happen at the worst times. Either that or they are beyond my ability to repair and require me having to pay a professional.

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