Friday Gathering: Xavier v K State Edition

Did you see that game?! Awesome!

Here are some articles that I found interesting this week:

A guest post at Cash Money Life listed tens ways to market your small business with limited funds. I am a big fan of marketing. Good stuff there.

What happens when your bank fails? Check out the answer in an article by Craig Ford at Moolanomy.

Do you ever need auto vehicle repairs? My Two Dollars posted 11 tips for getting a good car repair estimate.

Friday Gathering: Healthcare vote Edition

Is this President Obama’s “mission accomplished moment? We might find out this weekend. Here are some articles that I enjoyed this week:

Cruise over Green Panda Treehouse and enter a contest to win an iTouch!

College textbooks can be a really large unexpected cost. Moolanomy suggests the Best Places to Purchase Textbooks for Students. Before spending money on that brand new textbooks, take a look at this article and give yourself the opportunity to save a few hundred dollars each semester.

Late payments on a loan are not the only way to hurt your credit score. Mrs. Micah lists5 Ways to Hurt Your Credit Score Without Using Credit.

Friday Gathering: Spring ahead Edition

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour this weekend. I would like to call for the abolition of Daylight Savings Time. Why in the world do we do this every year? Anyway, here are some articles that I enjoyed this week:

Be sure to stop by Green Panda Treehouse today and sign up for the free iPod Touch giveaway!

Ron at The Wisdom Journal figured out where our government learned math. Funny video, check it out.

Jason Topp, one of the writers at ChristianPF, posted a really challenging article about the best ways in which to help the poor. Outstanding post.

Friday Gathering: Christian Finance Blog Edition

The  2009 nominees for the Plutus Awards are up and there are five nominees in the Religious Personal Finance blog category. Today, I thought I would feature a post from each of them. After reading, click over and vote for your favorite.

Jason Price at Bible Money Matters challenged us to leave an inheritance for your children.

The article, How to spend your tax refund wisely, was posted at Christian PF, but was also written by Jason Price. Busy guy.

Matt Jabs at Debt Free Adventure posted a somewhat controversial article entitled, One world currency-new world order.

Friday Gathering: Post-Valentine’s Day Edition

Gather Little by Little was featured in four carnivals this week!

What will you do with your tax refund? was featured at the 244th Carnival of Personal Finance. Boy, that thing has been around for a while.

Investing Baby Steps #2: Different Investing Strategies for Beginners Part 2 was chosen as an Editor’s Pick at the 104th Money Hacks Carnival.

If you can’t handle $5, why should I give you $10? was included at 217th Festival of Frugality and the Carnival of Money Stories.

Here are some other articles that I found interesting this week:

Friday Gathering: Who Dat? Edition

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints, winners of the NFL Super Bowl. I did not really have a rooting interest, but was kind of pulling for Peyton Manning . . . Here are some posts that you may want to read from the last week.

From the Carnival of Personal Finance #243 featuring:

Friday Gathering: Signing Day Edition

If you are a college football fan, this was a big week. All the fans in my state are upset about all the top recruits that signed to play out of state . . . Here are some articles that I found interesting this week:

I am not quite sure what to think of Lynnae’s post about her 5-second rule. I tend to be a little like Jerry Seinfeld when it comes to germs. Maybe that’s why Lynnae is “being frugal” and I’m just Stew . . .

Friday Gathering: Tax Time Edition

Lots of tax tips from other bloggers:

Lynnae at Being Frugal, prepares her own taxes. I do too and mine are pretty complicated this year.

If you purchased a home in 2009, Debt Free Adventure lists Tax Credits for Home Buyers and Owners. I sold a home in 2009, which will just complicate my taxes. Sigh.

Mrs. Micah listed the 2009 Tax Credit & Deduction List. Thankfully, I have lots and lots of deductions, but again, they complicate things.

If you do not know the IRS tax deadline, seriously? You do not know when your taxes are due? Even Canadians know stuff like that. April 15th is not complicated.

Friday Gathering: What happened in MA last week?

Mike, gave me the privilege of announcing the winner of the book, Get Financially Naked. Drum roll, please . . . . . Julie (comment #21)!

Here are some articles that I found interesting this week:

I am a huge fan of tax software and e-filing. I have used TurboTax almost since it was first made available online. Debt Free Adventure just figured out that if you are claiming any of the new home buyer tax credits – you must file your tax return on paper! This goes right up there with the DMV not taking credit or debit cards . . . government always provides poor customer service.

Friday Gathering: Pray for Haiti Edition

I am out of town for the next three days and as I was leaving, Mrs. Stew was coming down with the flu . . . I am stuck in a hotel room an airplane flight away and she is watching three children in between trips to the restroom. She is a trooper. Here are some articles that I liked this week:

Squawkfox listed 10 ways to cut your fitness costs in the new year. Fortunately, my job has workout facilities that I can use for free. Funny how that does not make it any easier for me to exercise.

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