24th Carnival of Money Stories

Not sure how I missed this one in my earlier carnival post, but the 24th Carnival of Money Stories was posted yesterday and is being hosted by Enough Wealth. My article, Reduce Your Expenses By Avoiding Temptation was included.

Thanks to Enough Wealth for hosting this weeks carnival, and make sure head over and read all of the great Money Stories!

Carnivals for Tuesday 9/4/2007

My two favorite personal finance carnivals are up for this week, The Carnival of Personal Finance #116 – The NSA Edition and Carnival of Debt Reduction #103 – Soon to be Debt Free.

Advanced Personal Finance hosted the CoPF and chose my article, Simplify Your Finances as an Editor’s Pick!!

DebtFree Revolution hosted the CoDR which included my article, 7 Things I’ve Given Up to Prune My Expenses.

Please make sure you read through all of the excellent articles. A big thanks Advanced Personal Finance and DebtFree Revolution for hosting this weeks carnivals!!

The Carnival of Money Stories #23 Is Up!

The Carnival of Money Stories #23 – The Fire Edition is up on Fire Finance. My article You Never Know What Tomorrow Holds, So Be Prepared was included.

Make sure you link on over to Fire Finance and check out all of the great money stories including the this article from PaidTwice, also a member of the elite M-Network.

Monday Carnivals

A couple of my articles were included in carnivals today:

In addition to reading my articles, make sure you visit the carnival pages and read all of the great articles submitted by M-Network and other PF bloggers. Getting ready to each some lunch and read a few myself!

Carnivals and More Carnivals

Carnival Day!

Today is carnival day and Gather Little By Little was fortunate enough to be included in two this week:

Thanks to both The Simple Dollar and I’ve Paid For This Twice Already… for hosting the carnivals and for including my articles.

The 100th Carnival of Debt Reduction Posted

Carnival Food mmmmmmm

NCN posted the 100th Carnival of Debt reduction on his No Credit Needed Blog. Featured in this edition is Step 6 of my How to Get Your Finances Under Control series.

There is a boat load of great articles about reducing your debt. Make sure you check-out NCN’s podcast too. It’s one of my favorites!

This picture is making me want some carnival food though…elephant ears…mmm. Don’t worry, the grease kills all the germs…hey, it convinces me!

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