Carnival of Money Stories Edition #92


My favorite blog carnival is the Carnival of Money Stories. Everyone loves a great story and I love reading the different stories people have about their money situations. Some are sad, some make me a bit angry, some make me feel a little better about the “dumb decisions” I’ve made in the past, and most just give you hope. Regardless of the the money story, they really put the “personal” in personal finance.

The Carnival of Debt Reduction #170


Welcome to the Carnival of Debt Reduction #170. I am  Glblguy, author of Gather Little by Little and I’m very happy to be the host of this edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction.

‘This particular edition received 37 submissions of which only 15 were included. There were lots of great articles submitted, but many of them weren’t on “getting out of debt, personal debt reduction progress reports and posts about reducing debt.” which is what the Carnival of Debt Reduction is all about!

Without further adieu…

Carnival of Debt Reduction #161 – Fall Colors Edition

Welcome to the 161th edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction!

My absolute favorite time of the year is fall. I love the cool crisp air and the beautiful colors of the leaves as they turn. I also enjoy beautiful photographs. Not only will you find some great articles in this carnival, but I’ve inserted some beautiful fall pictures as well.

Spend some time reading through the articles, if you find something you like consider leaving a comment on the authors blog, subscribing to their feed or even submitting the article to StumbleUpon, Digg or PF Buzz.

148th Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance!

North Carolina

Welcome to the 148th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance! I am beyond honored to be your host and had a great time reading through all of the excellent articles submitted. Let me tell you, being this is the first carnival I’ve ever posted, I had no idea how hard it was to pick the “editor’s picks”! All the articles were so great!

Without further rambling from me, here are all of the carnival entries organized by category. As you read through the carnivals, you’ll also receive a photo tour of my home state, North Carolina. I hope you enjoy it!

Coming soon: The 148th Carnival of Personal Finance

Photo by: rbrwr

Gather Little by Little will be hosting the 148th Carnival of Personal Finance next week. The carnival will be published on Monday, April 14th.

If you haven’t already done so, here’s your reminder to get those articles submitted and please, please, please read through and understand the submission rules before you submit.

This is the “mac-daddy” of carnivals in the personal finance world and it’s an extreme honor for Gather Little by Little to host it and I can’t wait to read all of your articles! What? Can’t wait until Monday? Head over to MoneyNing who hosted this weeks edition, #148!

Carnivals for the week of 9/30/2007

Ferris Wheel

All of the carnivals I participated in are up. Here’s the list of carnivals and links to the articles I submitted:

Carnivals For The Week of 9/23/2007

Kids at the Carnival

Continuing my carnival craziness, I once again submitted articles to five different blog carnivals this week.

Here are the carnivals I participated in and links to the articles I submitted:

Carnivals for the week of 9/16/2007

Sunset at the Fair
Photo by Jenn’s Photography

I went a little carnival crazy this week and submitted articles to 5 different personal finance blog carnivals. I’m becoming a bit carnival addicted recently. I enjoy participating and reading the great articles other bloggers submit. Most of all, I enjoy reading how the various hosts weave the posts together. I must say though, that PaidTwice has my favorite so far with her hosting article for the Carnival of Money Stories.

Here are the carnivals I participated in and links to the articles I submitted:

Carnivals for the week of 8/10

The Carnival of Personal Finance #117 was hosted yesterday over at KMull. My article Personal Finance is like Driving a Car was featured as a “solid article” (Thanks Kevin!).

The 25th Carnival of  Money Stories was hosted by the Tight Fisted Miser and included my article Does Good Customer Service Still Exist?

Also this week, the Festival of Frugality #91 was hosted by Stop the Ride!  My article
Money Saving Monday Tip #8 – Buy Items At the Right Time was included in the Frugal Household section. This article is part my weekly Money Saving Monday series.

The Carnival of Financial Planning for September 6, 2007 has been posted over at the Skilled Investor. I submitted by article DIY Financial Planning which was included in the Financial Planning category.

Make sure you visit and read through all of the great Financial Planning articles!

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