Get Financially Naked Review: Talking About The Biggest Taboo: Money!

The most taboo topic of this century will probably be money. You probably know most of what needs to known about your family or your best friends, but do you know about how much they make, how much they have in debt or how much they spend each month? This is so taboo that even couples are reluctant to “open their books” to their better half.

I have recently received a copy of Get Financially Naked by Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar. Since I have enjoyed this book and I truly believe that any couple should team-up their personal finance, I have decided to review the book and giveaway a free copy (see below for more details).

“In Cheap We Trust”: Review and Giveaway

in cheap we trustIf we had to separate people into 2 different clans: The Thrifts and the Spendthrifts, I would probably be closer to the latter. Unfortunately, the thing I like most about money is spending it. However, being a husband and father of two beautiful children has helped me be more responsible financially. While I never really wasted my money, I have always enjoyed earning more to spend more in order to indulge myself from time to time.

The skinny on credit cards book review

the-skinny-on-credit-cardsOne of the perks of being a personal finance blogger is that I get to receive copies of personal finance books to read and review. I seldom ever receive a book I don’t like, and every so often I receive a book that literally “wows” me. The Skinny on Credit Cards is just one of those books.

The skinny on credit cards

If you haven’t heard of the “skinny on series” (which I hadn’t), is a unique series of books that is inspired by the Manga literary phenomenon which combines the use of simple pictures and a story to convey a message. Trust me, they are like no other book you’ve ever read and I mean that in a good way.

Book Review: Wisdom & Wealth

Wealth & Wisdom Cover

I visited our local Christian bookstore last weekend primarily to to pickup a copy of Larry Burkett’s Debt Free Living, as I had sold my previous copy accidentally in our most recent yard sale. As usual though, I can’t help but spend time looking at other books and checking out what is new. In doing so, I found Wealth & Wisdom by Greg Womack.

Wealth & Wisdom is a new book published in August of 2007, so the information is up to date and current. Wealth & Wisdom tells you how to manage your finances and make wise financial decisions by following biblical scripture found in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, and specifically the wisdom and financial advice from King Solomon.