My Epiphany – Time for a change!

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Gina, a reader of Gather Little by Little, wrote to me at the end of January and asked “When did you have your Epiphany about your finances?” She shared a little about her epiphany and then said it would be interesting to read about mine and others. I thought this was a great idea, and asked if she would be interested in writing her’s up as a guest post. I love the opportunity to allow my readers to guest post and I think Gina did a fantastic job (Thanks Gina!).

Problem: How can I boost the airflow to my bonus room?

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I would suspect many of you have a similar problem. We have a bonus room above our garage. It has two air vents but for some reason the builder decided to place them next to each other in the ceiling, on the far side of the room, right next to two large windows. To make matters worse, one vent is connected to our downstairs heating and AC unit, the other to the upstairs heating and AC unit.

Ask The Readers – What Software or Tools Do You Use to Manage Your Finances?

Ask The Readers

A friend of mine and I where having a discussion yesterday about what software/tools we use to manage and keep track of our finances. Based on a previous recommendation by me, he was using SimpleD Budget. I had used it for a while, but decided to go with a custom spreadsheet I developed instead.

I enjoy the flexibility and ease of entry I have using Excel. He was considering going to MS Money or Quicken, which I have also used in the past.

It did make me wonder, what does everyone else use? What software or tools do you use to manage your finances?

Ask the Readers – What Stupid Financial Mistakes Have You Made?

Ask the Readers

The popularity of my 7 Stupid Financial Mistakes I’ve Made article surprised me. Thinking on this some this morning on the way into the J.O.B., I thought it might be interesting for you, the readers, to share your “Stupid Financial Mistakes”.

So what are yours? What stupid things have you done in the past that you would like to help others avoid doing? I know I have a lot more than 7 personally!

Ask The Readers – What 3 Things Will Make GLBL a Better Blog For You?

Ask the Readers

Each morning I have to check my Google Statistics. How many page hits did I get yesterday? How many new RSS subscribers? How many unsubscribed to my RSS feed? I’ve tried not to worry about it. I try to keep myself from checking, but I just can’t help it. It’s exciting to see the page counts and number of subscribers grow. I really get a lot of satisfaction out of providing value to you the reader. That’s why I’m here and why I started this blog to begin with.

Ask the Readers – What is Your #1 personal finance tip?

Ask the Readers!

Here’s your turn to share your knowledge and experience with other readers.

What is your #1 personal finance tip for other readers?

I’ll summarize all of your tips in a follow-on post. If I get enough response, we can do a vote and top tipper will win a prize!

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