Should I do a balance transfer?


This article is part of the Ask the M-Network series.  Christina sent in a question and asked:

Should I rent a home?


This article is part of the Ask the M-Network series.  Sheila asks:

We’re selling our house and moving to a new city. With the real estate market in such a downturn, would it be wiser to rent for awhile until either the market gets better or we can decided upon a house we know we’ll want to stay in for awhile? I’ve always been told that  renting is throwing away money, but if I can’t sell my house…would renting make more sense?

Ask The M-Network – Electricity vs. Propane

flamePhoto by: Tom Adams

Using the new Ask the M-Network feature,  a reader submitted a question asking about whether it was cheaper to use propane or electric appliances. The question was from Lynnea (no, not Lynnae from from Being Frugal), and she wrote:

We just made a move to the country…whew what a rude awakening when we got the first few propane gas bills. Over $100.00 a week. We now have the heat set at 62 and are using our fireplace…and checking our propane tank weekly.

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