April 25th Family Finance Carnival

By Stew

Yes, I am aware that today is May fifth. It is Cinco de Mayo, why wouldn’t I know the date? It would be like not knowing the date of the Fourth of July. Of course, my Spanish is a bit rusty, so anything is possible . . . That said, due a number of factors, Gather Little by Little is hosting the April twenty-fifth edition of the Clariity Family  Finance Carnival on May fifth. Go figure . . . and while you are figuring, please check out some of the top personal finance articles from the last week:

Earthquakes, tsunami’s, tornado’s, floods, killer snowstorms, it seems like everyweek a new disaster strikes and affects lives. What your going to do when a major “act of God” comes to your area? Boomer presents If A Disaster Strikes – How Prepared Are You? posted at Boomer & Echo.

The Financial Blogger outlines his equation for success in Talent + Work… What is Missing? posted at The Financial Blogger. I pretty much agree.

My family likes to camp. Mrs. Stew and I even camped for part of our honeymoon. Mike’s article Frugal Vacations: Campsites vs Hotels posted at Green Panda Treehouse shows a few steps to take before using either lodging option.

Sometimes the main course is easy to choose and prepare. But side dishes can be more challenging, especially as part of the day-to-day grind. Melissa presents Four Ways to Get Dinner on the Table Part Two: Prepare Meal Components at Mom’s Plans.

I have always been suspicious that anyone could be a successful day trader. Darwin is not only suspicious, but pretty much states that Day-Trading is a Total Scam. Don’t Fall For the Pitch at Darwin’s Money.

Joe Plemon presents Spring Cleaning Your Finances posted at Personal Finance By The Book. Hopefully you do this stuff more often than once a year, but good suggestions, nevertheless.

Is your credit score high enough to qualify for a mortgage? Nathan attempts to answer that question with the article, What’s A Good Credit Score To Buy A Home in 2011 at Complex Search.

How about if you go bankrupt?! Find out the answer to that question too by reading Can I get a mortgage after my Bankruptcy? posted at Debt Kid.

Do my kids need mobile phones? I suppose that they will need them eventually and when they do, I will want to read up on Selecting the Best Cell Phone Plan for your Child written at Parenting Family Money.

Jim Yih presents Family Financial Philosophy: A Powerful Estate Planning Tool! at Retire Happy Blog. Probably a good article, but I doubt that I will ever have much of an estate to plan.

I think I know the answer to this question, but I had to read What First? Pay Off Student Loans or Save For Retirement? posted at StupidCents in order to see if I was right.

Should one be required to earn a cc license before getting to drive a credit card? I kind of think so. Tim Chen starts the education process in Getting My First Credit Card: What Every Student Should Know posted at NerdWallet Blog – Credit Card Watch.

Do you have a ‘home accountant’? Guest Post – Alternatives to Sharing and Tracking Money with Family posted at The Amateur Financier suggests that you might want to get one.

That’s it. That’s the list! Hope you enjoyed the Clariity Family Finance Carnival.


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