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April 25th Family Finance Carnival

Yes, I am aware that today is May fifth. It is Cinco de Mayo, why wouldn’t I know the date? It would be like not knowing the date of the Fourth of July. Of course, my Spanish is a bit rusty, so anything is possible . . . That said, due a number of factors, Gather Little by Little is hosting the April twenty-fifth edition of the Clariity Family¬† Finance Carnival on May fifth. Go figure . . . and while you are figuring, please check out some of the top personal finance articles from the last week:

Auto loan refinance

Last week, I decided to refinance the loan on our van. Interest rates have dropped so low, that I cannot put it off any longer. Furthermore, our credit score has recovered so well from our 0% APR balance transfer days, that loan companies are offering really incredible rates to customers like me.