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Why we decided to buy instead of rent

Three years ago, we moved across the country and almost went under financially when it took 16 months for our old house to sell. I immediately promised that I would never buy a house again. . . . Until last month when we signed on the dotted line for a home once again. Here is what changed my mind:

No more moving

Obviously we cannot tell the future for certain, but my wife and I plan to never move away from our current location. Even if my job situation changes, we are committed to staying in the Denver area. We really enjoy the weather, the culture, the mountains and above all, our church. A year ago, we expected that we could move at any time.

Why are budgets necessary?

For the last month or so, we have been talking about budgets here at GLBL. We have defined the family budget and set forward the major steps for setting up a budget.

There was a time when the average family did not need a budget or at least, the budget was so simple that it could be kept in one’s head. Over 100 years (and longer) ago, most people built their own houses, grew or raised their own food and made their own clothes. Physical currency was not an essential part of life. If an item could not be made, grown or traded for, then they did not need it. Folks could go days and weeks without ever having to use money for a purchase. Today, things are different.