We are moving . . . !

By Stew

Sometimes you have to eat crow.

For the last three years, I promised myself and anyone else who would listen that our family would never buy a house again. This stance was mainly due to all of the trouble that we had selling our house after moving to Colorado. Well, it turns out that during our search to find a more affordable rental property, we stumbled upon a home that we intended to rent, until we crunched the numbers and realized that it was actually cheaper to buy. Okay, we are not buying exactly, but in the United States, renting-to-own from the bank is commonly called “buying” a house. We are just changing landlords, I guess, but hoping to build a little equity in the process.

I will share more of the details in the coming months, we are in the middle of packing, moving and doing all of the necessary paperwork. Speaking of paperwork, the last time that I applied for a mortgage was back in 2001 and boy, the number of documents have really increased. The information required for loan approval has gone through the roof as well. I think that our mortgage broker has a far better financial picture of our family than I do. I think a full-body CAT scan might have been less intrusive.

The moral of the story: never say never. As I share the details of purchase, you can be the judge of whether or not this deal was a good enough reason to break my promise. I cannot say for sure, time will tell. We are excited about the move, sad to leave our neighbors, but trusting that God is ordering our steps.

Our move is part of the reason that I have been a little thin on posting over the past few days. I hope to get back on track after the move, once we get everything in place and our internet service restored. Anyone who is interested is welcome to come over and help move boxes . . . I’ll buy you a Coke.


2 Responses (including trackbacks) to “We are moving . . . !”

  1. Wayward Says:

    I too am eating crow. I said I’d never build a house, and yet, I find myself building a house because in the area we’re moving to, it would cost more to find everything we want in an existing home than to build it. it’s a huge learning curve in terms of what goes into making a house.

  2. Centers And Squares Says:

    Every time we moved my mother would swear that it was the *last* move she would ever make. About six months later she’d start to get the itch again – not that we moved a lot but the pain goes away and you start dreaming about your next house again. I’ve been reading your posts – good to hear you took the plunge again!