Christian Finance Blog Carnival

By Stew

Here are some from the Christian Finance Blog Carnival that is organized by Money Help for Christians. Perhaps a few articles will be of interest to you:

Joseph presents Coupons – Save Money posted at Penny Pinching.

Craig Ford presents Student Loan Debt Forgiveness | For Ministers & Non-Profit Workers posted at Money Help For Christians, saying, “How ministers can have their student loan debt forgiven.”

Colin Robertson presents How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt posted at The Truth About Credit

DebtManagement presents New FTC Regulations Seek to Rein in Unethical Debt Settlement Firms posted at Debt Management.

Mike Vogt presents 8 Tips for Christian College Students Attending Secular Colleges posted at Christian Colleges Online.

Jack Benny presents 50 Christian Causes You Can Follow on Twitter posted at Christian Colleges, saying, “Many Christians know about Twitter. but often don’t know about all the Christian causes one can follow on that social medium.”

Jaqueline Dornbach presents Student Loan Forgiveness for Ministers or Pastors posted at The Young Pastor’s Wife.

Paul Williams presents Wake Up from the American Dream posted at Provident Planning, saying, “Are you sleepwalking through the American Dream? Have you ever actually questioned the goals our culture imposes on you? Wondering what this life is all about and whether it’s all really worth it? Maybe it’s time to wake up!”

Kim Staudenraus presents Secrecy Kills Trust posted at Tranquility Financial Visioning, saying, “Marriages are successful when both spouses are open and honest with each other. Communication is the key to the relationship and the finances.”

You might also be interested in a few recent articles from right here at Gather Little by Little:

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  1. Craig Ford Says:

    Thanks so much for putting the carnival together and including my link!

  2. Paul Williams Says:

    Thanks for including my article and hosting the carnival, Stew!