Friday Gathering: Healthcare vote Edition

By Stew

Is this President Obama’s “mission accomplished moment? We might find out this weekend. Here are some articles that I enjoyed this week:

Cruise over Green Panda Treehouse and enter a contest to win an iTouch!

College textbooks can be a really large unexpected cost. Moolanomy suggests the Best Places to Purchase Textbooks for Students. Before spending money on that brand new textbooks, take a look at this article and give yourself the opportunity to save a few hundred dollars each semester.

Late payments on a loan are not the only way to hurt your credit score. Mrs. Micah lists5 Ways to Hurt Your Credit Score Without Using Credit.

I am getting ready to open a new bank account. Squawkfox tells us how toFire your bank with the Switch Bank Accounts Checklist. Closing an old account can be a massive pain, but part of being a good customer is the willingness to walk.

Rocket Finance ranks the Top 10 Smarmy Financial Products on TV. Can you add any to the list?

Have a great weekend and remember do not just spend money, spend time with family!

Article by Stew

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  1. Jon Says:

    I agree completely! I never expected textbooks to cost me so much darn money when entering college. It would have been nice if someone informed me of that before finding out the hard way. But thank goodness for the Internet because I landed on this site called that searches all the online textbook retailers and rental sites to find you the best price. There were times where I needed to buy some books on the go, so I looked at Apple’s App Store and surely enough has an app for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Truly amazing. Then at the end of my semester I was able to use them to sell my books back. Doesn’t get any better than that! Highly recommend this for anyone!