10 outstanding iPhone applications for your financial needs

By Mike

As Frank Hubbard puts it, “The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket”. Do you think this is the only way out to save more money? No, it can never be this. Man is subjected to temptation and no one can ignore the sensation that money gives. However, the smarter way for you is to think and spend, than spend to think. If you are a geek or love gadgets, here is something very exciting for you. iPhone applications can now boost up your finances.

You wish to live life king size but at the same time want to control your outgoings. iPhones are craved by almost all gizmo lovers and so there are a number of personal finance applications that come as a package with it. Whether it is tracking your stocks, expenses or calculating your debts or converting currencies, you can have a real time pleasure with your iPhones. You can also manage all those multiple account woes or transfer money between your accounts with your iPhones. The very trendy GPS or WiFi helps users to find the nearest route to the ATM. You will get all these applications for a low cost.

Every time when you swipe your credit cards, you either end up paying huge bills or accumulate huge debts. What happens next is you consolidate debts in order to improve your bad credit history. Isn’t this complicated? Yes, indeed. The best way is to gorge on things that help you to lead a frugal life in style. So take a look at these 10 most stylish yet cost-effective finance iPhone applications:

  1. In the numero uno position, it is worth mentioning about an iPhone application from Bank of America that comes free. If you have an account here, you can surely find a quick view of this Mobile Banking in its web portal. This helps you to manage and check your balances, make bill payments or transfer funds round the clock. The USP of this application is its ability to detect the nearest ATM or banking center locations with the aid of GPS in the iPhone. You can be rest assured about Bank of America’s online banking guarantee. So there would be no unauthorized transactions. This is enabled by a special advanced encryption technology that would safeguard your online identity.
  2. Next in line is an iPhone application from PayPal and its absolutely free. You would no longer require opening up your wallets to make your payments. Do you know in Japan, people have almost given up using wallets as they are using this application? Right from train tickets till buying a beer from a vending machine, they are using iPhones. The PayPal iPhone application gives you complete access to your PayPal account for carrying out transactions and 16 currencies are supported by this application.
  3. Bloomberg Mobile is another aesthetically sound iPhone application. You get this for free. Wall Street Traders forge on Bloomberg Terminal for analyzing financial market data and also get the latest money news and price quotes. A very trendy yet useful mobile application from Bloomberg will give you real-time scoops, stock market updates and give you a brief insight into the market trends. As you rotate your phone horizontally, you will get larger charts and this is made possible with the help of the iPhone’s sensor device. Let the power of Bloomberg in your iPhone and stay financially alert.
  4. Have you heard about ATM Hunter from MasterCard? This also comes free. This is one of the best ATM locator or finder no matter where you are. This is just perfect for use in US and Canada. You just need to enter an address or an airport location in your iPhone GPS from anywhere. So now move around in style!
  5. The next most coveted finance iPhone application Tipulator. Wondering what is this? This is another out of the world iPhone application. It stands way above in the world of calculators. Wired.com said Tipulator is, “”¦an elegant, intuitive interface”¦” Whether converting currency or other calculations, everything can be done at ease. There is an innovative disclosure picker for selection of unit names. A revolutionary magic lens displays only the information that you ask for.
  6. E*Trade– another smart iPhone application is the best way to carry on stock trading as if you were on Wall Street. Get up-to-the-minute news and quotes, trade news or add to your watch list. There is another attraction as you get completely integrated historical and intraday charts as well as free streaming finance updates on your iPhone.
  7. Are you having trouble in borrowing or taking out a loan? Well, Loan Shark on your iPhone can help you do away with financial blues. As Foggynoggin says, “Navigating the waters of financial lending can be very dangerous indeed. Loan Shark helps you fight off predators and assists you in making sound financial decisions for you and your family.” After you get the detailed information about the loan you want to take out, just click on the Amortization button that will elucidate the monthly payment. Not only this, your interest rate for the loan can also be checked with this.
  8. Another venerable finance iPhone application is a mobile checkbook-PocketMoney that can track all your accounts and fulfill all transaction requirements based on payee. This will also generate essential reports and pie charts. PocketMoney gets its database files from the Palm version and Quicken Interchange Format (QIF).
  9. Are you an investor? There is one special iPhone application for you-Daily Finance. This comes free from AOL to receive current stock quotes, money news, track portfolios. So you will have the entire market updates at your fingertips.

10. Last but not the least, it is important to detect your spending and keep a track of your money when you are shopping. This is one of the most favorite pastime for commoners but something that lands us in a soup if we do not regulate our finances. So Save Benjis has catered to this issue and with this you can transform your spending habits as you will instantly compare prices while going on a shopping spree! You need not carry your American Express Card. Instead do not forget to get yourself a Save Benjis application on your iPhone.

So if you want to save money in style, make use of these finance iPhone applications. Get away from age old methods and make use of your gadgets to bag more money into your pockets. Live smart and spent smartly!

author: Dorothy Anderson

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  1. Ed Says:

    You should also add Wells Fargo has an app just like BofA and that the Mint App on the iPhone is another great management tool.

  2. Abigail Says:

    My husband has ADD so we wanted to get something akin to a smartphone to help him be organized. But I’m happy to say that we found a much more frugal solution: iPod Touch.

    It has all the functionality of an iPhone, minus the actual phone. Meanwhile, we don’t have to pay $30-50 a month on top of cell minutes. Of course, it doesn’t get web access just anywhere, but there are plenty of wifi spots to be had out in the world. There are tons of great, free apps. Also, of course, we got it with rewards points so it is completely free to us!

  3. Kirby Sweets Says:

    Just landed on this post via Google search. I love it. This post switch my percept and I am getting the RSS feeds. Cheers Up.

  4. bill Says:

    I guess it’s time for me to catch up to the 21st century. I have an old Motorazer which does just about nothing compared to an iphone.