Happy New Year from Gather Little by Little

By Stew

Sometimes I felt a lot like a tightrope walker this year and not an especially good one . . .

I had a lot of ideas for this post, but I could not decide on just one, so I thought I would keep it simple. I always like to end the year by looking at the things for which I am thankful. Here is the financial part of that list:

  • I am thankful that our house finally sold. We came out approximately $14,000 in the red, but we avoided foreclosure, a short sale or anything else detrimental to our financial future . . . other than the debt itself.
  • I am thankful that glblguy gave me the chance to write for this blog and that Mike increased my opportunity to write and with it, my alternate income. I have grown to appreciate this blog and its readers a great deal.
  • I am thankful that our family vehicle still seems to be running well.
  • I am thankful that our family managed to avoid any major health problems or expenses in 2009.

I will be sharing more of our financial goals next week, but I am thankful that God showed Himself faithful in 2009 and I am confident that He will meet our needs in 2010!

Article by Stew

Photo by Rhett Sutphin

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