Friday Gathering: Tax Time Edition

By Stew

Lots of tax tips from other bloggers:

Lynnae at Being Frugal, prepares her own taxes. I do too and mine are pretty complicated this year.

If you purchased a home in 2009, Debt Free Adventure lists Tax Credits for Home Buyers and Owners. I sold a home in 2009, which will just complicate my taxes. Sigh.

Mrs. Micah listed the 2009 Tax Credit & Deduction List. Thankfully, I have lots and lots of deductions, but again, they complicate things.

If you do not know the IRS tax deadline, seriously? You do not know when your taxes are due? Even Canadians know stuff like that. April 15th is not complicated.

Prime Time Money posted Tax Preparation Checklist – A quick, uncomplicated list of things you may need to file your taxes.

Jeff Rose lists some of the ways in which our taxes have grown more complicated this year: 2010 Tax Tips to Take Advantage Of – 2010 brings on a slew of new tax tips to be aware of. I hope Turbo Tax will sort them all out for me.

Have a great weekend! If you can get a break from doing your taxes, remember not to spend money, spend time with family.

Article by Stew

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4 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Friday Gathering: Tax Time Edition”

  1. prasti Says:

    thanks for the links. just did a quick trial run through of our fed. taxes on paper and will then do it through taxact. we have to file federal, state and local taxes, and taxact allows me to e-file fed. and state for $17. i agree, i’m thankful for lots of deductions but they do complicate things. good luck with your taxes.

  2. Lynnae Says:

    Thanks for the mention!

  3. Mrs. Money Says:

    I think I’m going to do a trial run this weekend to see how we end up. I am really hoping that we get some money back this year!

  4. PT Says:

    Thanks, Stew, I’m getting a mackdaddy refund back this year. Not normally something I like to get, but I’ll take it.