Friday Gathering: Pray for Haiti Edition

By Stew

I am out of town for the next three days and as I was leaving, Mrs. Stew was coming down with the flu . . . I am stuck in a hotel room an airplane flight away and she is watching three children in between trips to the restroom. She is a trooper. Here are some articles that I liked this week:

Squawkfox listed 10 ways to cut your fitness costs in the new year. Fortunately, my job has workout facilities that I can use for free. Funny how that does not make it any easier for me to exercise.

No Debt Plan discusses the risks of living with your financial enemy. I certainly hope that you and your spouse have worked out that part of your relationship. It would be tough to be married to your enemy.

This is an old post from My Two Dollars, but I have been researching ways to watch televion over the internet. David found 35 ways to watch television without paying for cable. I have found that most shows can be accessed online, but I want to watch live sports . . .

Christian PF wrote about ten cheap ways to lose weight in the new year. I am looking for a weight loss progam that lets me lay around and eat anything that I want. Think it’s on the list?

Gen X Finance thinks that there are 5 reasons why you might die broke and unhappy. I am pretty sure that I will die broke – why should anything change from the way I live? :) However, I plan to die happy no matter what.

Have a great weekend. Remember do not just spend money, spend time with family.

Article by Stew

Photo by United Nations

7 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Friday Gathering: Pray for Haiti Edition”

  1. Jimmy Kibler Says:

    We need to help and praying is the best way of doing it right now. Money that is sent will not get to the people. America has given 3 trillion dollars to Haiti in the last few years and it has not been used to help the people.

  2. Stew Says:

    Jimmy, I intuitively believe your assertion, but I was wondering if you could provide some documentation? I would like to research that a little.

  3. almost there Says:

    Jimmy is wrong , not 3 TRILLION given. As for prayer it makes the prayer feel that they are doing something but doesn’t help at all.

    Also, the link is not about dying broke but RETIREING broke.

  4. Stew Says:

    almost there – I am researching how much aid we have given to Haiti. Your point about the retirement article is accurate, I think I inadvertently substituted “die” for “retire”. I probably will die before I retire . . . so maybe it’s not wrong afterall. :)

  5. almost there Says:

    Stew, a good PF book written about 12 years ago is “Die Broke” . I decided to retire instead of taking mini retirements as book suggests. Now if I can make it through 2012 I will just have to keep from being run down by a bus or the odd piano falling on me, ya know, the usual things.

  6. Carrie Says:

    The link for the weight loss article is the same as the tv one.

  7. tell Says:

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