SmartyPig Card Giveaways and Link Roundup

By Mike

It is now time to name the 2 SmartyPig contest winners of a $50 gift card for their SmartyPig account!

#1 CM (comment #12)

#2 Rebecca (comment #27)

I’ll be contacting the winners to send them the money over next weekend. Congrats and thanks to everybody who participated!
I am also adding a chart at the bottom of this post that compares all the CD’s and savings bank account you can get. You will see that Smarty Pigs is by far the best deal around right now! (note: the table is too big right now, I am working on this ;-) ).

I need your help! Please vote for Gather Little by Little:

Gather Little by Little has been nominated for the best host of the Best of Money Carnivals. If we win, we will have the opportunity to give money to a charity. Since it is for a good cause, please go to the Best of Money Carnival site and vote for carnival #5 by entering your comment.

Here are some good reads for this weekend:

Mrs. Micah is sharing the best personal finance practices of 2009. My favorite is to create an alternative source of income. I find it more interesting although challenging to earn more rather than cutting down on my expenses.

Man vs Debt is offering a free copy of Crush it!

A thought provocative post at Cash Money Life: The importance of Self Ownership. If you aim is towards financial freedom, you need to gain control over areas of your life. Take action and take back your life!

Interesting thoughts on impulsive buying by Bible Money Matters. I am continuously debating with myself with regards to taking the credit card out of my wallet!

Being Frugal is offering her top 10 Christmas Movies. I really like The Polar Express too!

PT money is giving 10 tips to help reduce your credit card debts. I would personally start by transferring to a 0 APR balance transfer credit card and accelerate the snowballing payment.

Enjoy your weekend! Last one before Xmas, can you belive it!!!

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