Friday Gathering: Global Warming Edition

By Stew

warm flower

How is that Global Warming treating you, Midwest and Northeast? Here are some articles that I found interesting this week:

Jill, one of the new writers at Moolanomy posted a list of items for your end-of-the-year financial checkup. Some good ideas here. Don’t procrastinate!

David at My Two Dollars listed some of the tax law changes. There are some tax increases that might affect you (see AMT and sales tax deductions). Charities will be quite disappointed that gifts from IRA accounts will no longer be tax deductible . . . that one makes me angry.

One of Consumerism Commentary’s sttaff writers tells a story of persistence.

The SVB at The Digerati Life posted a warning about government stimulus grant scams. It is wise to be careful about anyone who offers you a deal that is too good to be true. I happen to think that pretty much all government “stimulus” is a scam. You know, the scam where our government gives our own money back to us and wants us to thank them for it? Or the one where they give our money to big banks? Or maybe the scam where they give us our children’s and grandchildren’s money? Sometimes they give the money to us in $300 checks. Other times the money comes in the form of grants to study radioactive rabbit droppings or a bridge for Microsoft.

Tough Money Love does not have much sympathy for some of you whiny credit card users.

Wow, tough week, hope the weekend is better. Remember, don’t just spend money, spend time with family.

Article by Stew

Photo by Jenny Downing

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  1. Traciatim Says:

    “How is that Global Warming treating you”

    Great, I’ve needed to be out shoveling the ‘global warming’ off of my driveway three times already when normally (since I’m right beside the ocean) we’re hoping for a white Christmas.

  2. Jose Paclibare│Christian Business Says:

    Thanks Stew for mentioning about that useful post of Kelly Whalen, Consumerism Commentary.

    Kelly said, “Brands are now wising up to using social media to monitor what customers are saying about their products. A fantastic place to get help is twitter. Yes, I know not everyone uses twitter, but you should have an account for solely this purpose if for nothing else.”

    I find that interesting and sure it will be useful for some of us when the need arises.