Chase Blueprint: Manage Your Money Wisely and Pay Down Your Debts Faster

By Mike

chase blueprint

chase blueprint

In recent times, I have been receiving email from Chase and their “fabulous” new concept: Chase Blueprint. I was a bit reluctant to look into this “new concept” as I wondered how it could really help a person to manage his debt better”¦ especially since the idea came from a bank ;-)

However, I have received more information about the Chase Blueprint features and they appear promising.

chase blueprint #3

chase blueprint

What is Chase Blueprint?

As the name suggests, Chase is offering you a way to create a Blueprint to pay off your debt. Blueprint is a free debt management system that allows setting repayment goals for specific expenses.

Forget about the regular zero percent balance transfer credit card and think about a genuine, useful tool to manage your debt. The Chase Blueprint works with 3 of their credit cards (see details below). Here how it works:

#1 A Blueprint to Eliminate Interest Charges on Recurrent Monthly Expenses

The feature I like most is the fact that you can separate your recurrent monthly expenses on your statement. If you make the payment in full for this specific category on a monthly basis, you won’t pay any interest on these bills. Better than that: the Blueprint tells you exactly how much you have to pay so you don’t even have to bother!


Let say you spend around $1,000 in recurring expenses (such as gasoline, grocery, cable, phone, cell phone and internet) but you also had some Christmas gifts that you can’t pay right away totalling an additional $300 (I do not suggest you finance your Christmas gifts but we all know that stuff happens from time to time!).

With a regular credit card, you would spend your $1,300 on your credit card and you will be charged for interest on $1,300 for one month. At a 15 APR, this is $16.25 in interest costs.

However, with the Chase Slate credit card with Blueprint, you will only pay interest on $300, which means $3.75.

So you can simplify your finances with the Chase Blueprint without having the worry of being gauged by interest charges.

#2 A Blueprint to Split Your Expenses And Manage Them

If you buy a new TV or a new refrigerator with your Chase credit card, you will have the possibility to know exactly when you will pay it off completely.

You have the option to choose the payment you want to make or in how many months you want your purchase to be paid off. Upon your selection, Chase Blueprint will calculate your payment and will tell you when it will be paid off.

Each month, you will be able to see your progress on paying down this specific purchase and you will be able to change your original payback plan if you would like (this is perfect to implement a debt snowball).

#3 A Blueprint to Pay Down Your Balance Faster

In addition to paying your recurring expenses in full without paying interest, to track down specifics purchases, you can also determine when the rest of your balance will be paid off.

With this feature, Chase Blueprint allows you to select your payment or number of months you want to take to pay off your credit card balance completely.

#4 A Blueprint to Track Your Debts Down

Do you wonder how much you pay to eat outside of the home each month? Your Chase Credit Card can track down your budget with the Blueprint feature. You can also setup your budget and determine how much you want to spend in each budget categories.

Each month, you will be able to track down your expenses and calibrate your budget accordingly.

chase blueprint

chase blueprint

They now offer a 0 APR for the first 12 months

In order to try the Chase Blueprint system without any costs, they offer the SlateSM from Chase Credit Card (regular credit card), the Chase Freedom Credit CardSM (cash back credit card) and the Chase Sapphire Credit CardSM (reward points credit card) for free (no annual fees) and they also offer a 0 APR for the first 12 months (for the Slate and Freedom credit card) AND a 0 APR balance transfer for the first 12 months as well (for the Slate credit card). Therefore, you can try the card for free and see if their Blueprint really works for you.

You will have time to get used to the new features of these very interesting credit cards and it won’t cost anything to do so!

Overall, here is what the Chase Credit Cards with Blueprint has to offer:

#1 Blueprint system for free that enables you to manage your debts according to your terms.

#2 Avoid paying interest on recurring expenses upon full monthly payment.

#3 0 APR trial period of 12 months (Freedom and Slate).

#4 0 APR on balance transfer for 12 months (Slate).

#5 No annual fees.

#6 Zero Liability on unauthorized payment

Since it is free and the Blueprint system really works, I suggest you give it a try. Go see for yourself, read about the amazing Blueprint system. I would personally apply for the Chase Slate credit cards since it offers a 0% both on new purchases and balance transfer:

Chase Slate Credit Card description:

Chase Freedom Credit Card Description:

And for those who are looking for one of the best reward programs, you can also order the Chase Sapphire Credit Card

Chase Sapphire Credit Card Description:

5 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Chase Blueprint: Manage Your Money Wisely and Pay Down Your Debts Faster”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    My objection to this product is that you have to have a Chase card to use it. I don’t have one and have no intention of getting one. Does anyone know if there is a similar, brand-neutral system like this? Currently, I just keep track of this information in a private document. I also would like to have something that does not include account numbers, credit card company names, or anything. That is too risky.

  2. Mike Says:


    I know it’s not the best setup in the world since you have to register for another credit card, which means potential debts.

    However, the purpose of the Blueprint is to help managing credit card debts.

    since there is no free lunch in finance you have 2 options:
    #1 get a similar software that you will pay for it but don’t have to apply for a new credit card

    #2 get the blueprint from the credit card…

    Most free personal finance software are limited and conduct you to buy the “pro” version which cost something ;-(

  3. Manuel Haspel Says:

    Would you publish guest articles? I would love to post a couple posts here.

  4. Greg Says:

    My problem with the Chase Blueprint is they eliminated auto-pay in full. I have all categories selected but that doesn’t cover all expenses. So, if you don’t manually pay the bill in full you’ll get hit with interest on some of it. Seems a bit like a ploy to get people to pay interest.

  5. TJ Says:

    Yes Greg.. we know, you’ve posted to numerous sites. That would only hold true for people who don’t pay attention to their financial information and rely on automation. OPen your statement, look at the outstanding it.. Simple.