Friday Gathering: My favorite holiday is right around the corner!

By Stew

traffic lights

Some of us are going to be seeing a lot of traffic lights over the next week or so . . . Here are some articles that I like:

A great article from Kevin at Moolanomy where he challenges us to help ourselves, not the economy. He is right. Our government needs us to spend money. They want us to spend money, even if it is not in our best interests. I say that they need to balance their own books.

Being Frugal recommends using Smarty Pig to save for Christmas next year. That particular type of account has some interesting applications.

Peter at Bible Money Matters suggests 50 frugal gifts that you can give this Christmas. Outstanding.

Some of you are living in houses that are worth more than the Pontiac Silverdome! Unbelievable. Flexo at Consumerism Commentary has done the homework.

Ron at the Wisdom Journal suggests some ways to fight a health insurance claim denial. Good things to know. My money says that trying to get coverage from a private health insurer might be easier than dealing with a government bureaucrat . . . but we’ll see . . .

Have a great week and don’t just spend money, spend time with family.

Article by Stew

Photo by Mr. Freshtags

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