Carnival of Money Stories – My Money Flaws Edition

By Mike

Welcome to this edition of the Carnival of Money Stories! Since all featured posts reflect a money story, I decided to share my money flaws along with the articles.

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shopping centerMoney Flaw #1: Having Spendthrift Moments

The current recession and the recent read of In Cheap We Trust got me thinking about my spending habits. While I am frugal in several aspects of my life, I am having a hard time spending less on food, clothes and cars. I don’t go shopping often, but when I go on a shopping frenzy, I can spend my whole pay check on clothing”¦ I am actually worse than my wife when it comes to shopping ;-). In order to control my spendthrift moments, I am continuously asking will I regret it?”. Thinking twice about what I am about to buy reduces my bill at the end of the month considerably;-).

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lazyMoney Flaw #2: Procrastination

In my opinion, procrastination is my worst money flaw. The problem with procrastination is that it often doesn’t show. You barely notice that you are losing money because you don’t take care of something. It’s like water dripping from a leaky faucet; you are losing water but you won’t notice the damage until something breaks and you see the big hole under the counter! I try to send myself emails (it’s a Gen Y thing, so says conspiracy theory man) and leave notes everywhere of what needs to be done (like looking at my insurance coverage for example or analysing how much interest I pay on debt). I am slowly getting better when it comes down to take care of my personal finances.

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more moneyMoney Flaw #3: Looking to increase my income continuously

While aiming for a bigger salary is not a bad thing by itself, I would say that continuously looking towards the next promotion, working more hours to make extra bucks or spending time and energy on a sideline (like starting an online store) will gradually take away from the most important things in life: your family and friends. Since I have finished my MBA, I have decided to cut down on my hours at work and spend more quality time with my beautiful wife and children. I definitely don’t regret my choice!

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suspension bridgeMoney Flaw #4: High tendency to leverage

I have mentioned it before, I have a high tolerance for risk and I don’t mind borrowing money in order to increase my assets or income over time. This is what I call “having productive debt”. However, good or bad, a debt is a debt. If things turn sour, my tendency to leverage everything might blow up in my face as I am taking a lot of risk. I haven’t found any tricks to reduce this “bad” habit. I just hope that I will continue to make money from it I guess!

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tyler durdenMoney Flaw #5: Fighting with my Budget

While I have no problem sticking to my budget (besides a few spendthrift moments ;-) ), my biggest problem is to keep track of each expense in order to be able to analyse them. I did enter each dollar earned or spent for 2 years in Microsoft Money software. But since starting my basement renovations, I have completely lost count and never went back to my original budget again. While I know that, overall, my assets are increasing and my debt is decreasing, I can’t pinpoint where to concentrate my efforts in order to get rid of my debt faster.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading about my money flaws along with the articles in this carnival!

Author: Mike.

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    Help for MF #1 (although not so smart after reading MF #2): I have a small Post-it on my dashboard, near the tachometer. It says “Today I will not incur new debt.” I’ve kept it there for 8 months so far and it has helped me control my spendy behavior.

    MF #5 – I’m still working on. Last yr I kept a budget for 5 months. This yr I’m going for 12. Only missed one month so far b/c changed banks (to eliminate maintenance fees) but other than that I am on track w/2 months to go.

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