Carnival of Money Hackers – My Money Success Edition

By Mike

Hey! Another Carnival at GLBL! Don’t worry; this is the last one until the Carnival of Personal Finance at the end of the year ;-)

Along with the Carnival, I’ve decided to share a few of my money successes. After sharing my money flaws last week, I also wanted to share some financial achievements from the past year. Handling personal finance is not always easy and it is important to acknowledge our failures yet it is even more important to acknowledge success!

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#1 Editor’s Picks: My Biggest Money Achievement (creating an alternative source of income)

During these rough economic times, we are all seeking job security. Unfortunately, we have little to no control (besides doing your job right) over our employer’s decision. Therefore, the best way to improve your financial stability is by having an alternative source of income. Through my web company, I have been able to create an additional source of income; my plan B. While it doesn’t generate enough money to allow me to quit my day job, it would provide me sufficient cash flow if anything goes sour at work. This piece of mind is priceless. So here are the best articles of this carnival:

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#2 Money Management: Living in a Single Income Household

Back in May 2009, my wife quit her job to take care of our 2 children. While it is the best situation in terms of family lifestyle, it is far from being good news on the financial side. We have learned to manage our money differently in order to make sure that we have enough to pay all the bills. Here are the money management related articles:

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#3 Investing: Buying my First House Through Leverage

As I have mentioned before, I am a big fan of leveraging. While borrowing to invest is not for everyone and should not be advertised abroad, this is how I managed to buy my first house. I borrowed $20,000 from my line of credit back in 2003 and I bought my first house with my investment profit in 2006. Technically, I didn’t take a penny from my own pocket into my property. Here are the investing articles:

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#4 Frugality and Debt Management: Consolidating all my debts in a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)

Frugality refers to saving money and spending diligently. One of the best ways to achieve both side of frugality is to manage your debt correctly. You can save money on interest and spend less in order to avoid maxing out your credit cards. A few years ago, I decided to put all my debts together using my home equity line of credit. While debt management has become much easier with only one account, I also pay less interest. Here are other ways to save money or to manage your debt:

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#5 Other: Making a Career Move

2 years ago, I decided to get my financial planner title and switch jobs to become a full time financial planner. The first year was rough and I didn’t manage to increase my pay check. In fact, I would have received a bigger bonus if I didn’t leave my previous job. However, this year has been fantastic and I am not only increasing my income but my bonus will compensate for what I had lost last year. You never know if your career moves are good or bad until you do them. I guess this time I made the right choice. Here are the other articles from the carnival:

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Author: Mike.

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