Black Friday Gathering (Wednesday Edition)

By Stew


Here are some articles about the day that has come to be known as Black Friday. The name comes from the fact that many retailers stay in the “red” or operate at a deficit all year until the Christmas shopping season. The Friday after Thanksgiving is the first time of the year that they move over into profitability or “into the black”.

Trent at The Simple Dollar recommends restraint . . . makes sense.

PF Firewall lists a few tips, tricks and a caution or two for getting the best deal. He has a great list of Black Friday websites.

Free from Broke thinks that you should channel your inner zen monk. I wonder if an “inner zen monk” would trample a fellow human to death while trying to get the latest Wii?

Moolanomy lists a few tips for dealing with Black Friday as well as its rapidly growing cousin, Cyber Monday.

Studenomics adds to our tip list and states that the most important idea is to avoid as many random or impulse buys as possible during this day.

Bible Money Matters can tell you how to get the best deals for the items on your list.

I understand from Mrs. Stew that she has finished our family Christmas shopping for the year and thus we will not be participating in Black Friday. Sounds good to me . . . although she likes the rush and might wander out into the fray, just to see what is out there. I will probably encourage her to leave cash, credit and checkbook at home.

Article by Stew

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  1. Studenomist Says:

    Thanks for the mention Stew!

  2. Jesse Says:

    Great list of helpful sites Stew, thanks for the mention! Hopefully there won’t even be another trampling like that..

  3. thatflash Says:

    bookmarked, i will add your homepage to my toolbar