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Friday Gathering: First Cold Spell Edition

cold sparrow

Here are some articles that I enjoyed this week:

The Silicon Valley Blogger confesses that she has a lot of stray 401K’s bouncing around out there. She is going to consolidate and roll them over into an IRA. You should too.

The Investing Toolkit posted an article about utilizing online investment tools. Investing sure has changed over the last fifteen years.

JLP at AllFinancialMatters highlighted a great series of Youtube videos that explain a great deal about banking and investing. I found them to be enlightening and you might as well. ; The Place Where I Bought My Laptop Messenger Bag

messenger laptop bagI have been looking for a laptop bag for a while now. Since I ride a bus every morning and evening (35 minutes each way), I write most of my articles there. It is a nice way to be productive instead of just watching the cars stuck in the traffic on the bridge ;-)

I used to have a full leather bag for my laptop but I didn’t really like it for 2 reasons.

#1 It was too big. This was really convenient when I was going to school but now I am drained by its weight and am constantly bumping into stuff while walking.