Festival of Frugality #201 – Life Stages & Home Ownership Lesson Edition

By Mike

Festival of Frugality – Life Stages & Home Ownership Lesson Edition

Welcome to the #201 Festival of Frugality!

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This edition is about life stages and home ownership. When we are young, most dream of owning our first home. It may be small, it may be old, but once it is ours, it’s the most beautiful place on earth to live!

condoThe Condo:

Condominiums are perhaps the most frugal way to become an owner. While it doesn’t cost much more than an apartment on a monthly basis, you can build equity while paying down your mortgage and the condo should grow in value. After a few years, you may be interested in leaving the condo, take the equity from it to buy a townhouse and rent out your condo! Here are the best Frugal Tips of this carnival:

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townhouseThe Townhouse:

Half condo, half house, it is the perfect size for a young family that wanted a backyard but didn’t want to spend 50% of their monthly budget on a mortgage payment. This is definitely another frugal way to become an owner.

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bungalowThe Bungalow:

Usually a bit older than new constructions, bungalows are perfect when you need space and you want to raise a family. You now have a great backyard to play with the children and enough room for a pool if you like. While the bungalow provides a good standard of comfort, it is normally less expensive than the 2 storey cottage.

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2 storey house2 Storey Cottage:

We are now getting into bigger and nicer stages of homes and as expected, the payments become much higher too! If you don’t have a 2 income household, you may have a hard time going on vacation and maintaining this type of house, Doctors and stock brokers notwithstanding. While this option provides you with more comfort, this is definitely not the most frugal choice of property!

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big house_05The Luxury Home:

Hey congrats! Everyone looks at your house when they walk through the neighbourhood. However, there is a very important question you must ask yourself: can you afford your desires?

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mansionThe American Dream:

Based on luxury or tax saving purposes (you heard from your accountant that your mortgage interest payments were tax deductible, didn’t you?), you now have a huge house. You can almost call it a mansion. But there is just one problem; there is a foreclosure sign in front of it!

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Sometimes, you are better off living happily in a simple home and keep it than impressing everyone with a huge mansion albeit only for a few months! I hope you have enjoyed the carnival!

Author: Mike.

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    It’s always nice to have parents that are willing to chip in to help with this but it rarely happens.

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