Ask me anything returns

By Stew

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This is Stew and I am going on six months of posting here at Gather Little by Little. I am thankful to Glblguy for originally giving me the opportunity to write for a blog of this size and also greatful to Mike for allowing me to continue in this role.

The internet is really an unbelievable medium. I have been an active member of the blogosphere for almost five years. I have run several of my own blogs – personal finance, sports, politics, and theology. I also happen to be a member at almost a dozen online forums that deal with those same topics. I use approximately half a dozen different pseudonyms as well as my true identity on those boards. The internet has helped me to explore thoughts and ideas as presented by a broad spectrum of people. I enjoy interaction on a broad range of topics and enjoy sharing my thoughts as well . . . I am a blogger after all . . . bloggers by nature are people who like to put opinions on a screen and hope someone cares.

Glblguy used to have a feature on this blog entitled “Ask me anything”. You can read some of his entries here. I thought that I might try to bring back that feature with the hope that the thoughts of this writer as well as the collective wisdom of the GLBL readership can be focused on specific questions that many readers might submit.

From time to time, questions have some up on the comment threads of articles that I have written. In some instances, I have been tempted to answer in the thread itself, but long comments are seldom read and many times blog comments are not well researched. Also, if a question is handled on a comment thread, there is also a chance that the originator of the questions may never actually check back for the answer.

There is a principle in talk radio that says that every phone call represents the opinion of a thousand listeners, so one or two questions could indicate that a number of you are wondering the same thing. I would like to share my gmail address with the readership and from time to time, address a question or two that I consider “post-worthy”. I will probably keep the posts focused on finance since this is a personal finance blog, but there are a wide range of topics that have bearing on personal finance. My areas of expertise are in theology and economics, but I would be happy to research or at least give my $.02 on any question that you may have.

I have come a long way on my personal finance journey. I am not out of debt and I have a family and a relatively low income like most of you, but I believe that through discussing Scripture and all providing input, we can help everyone become better at handling money. Please send your questions to: glblstew @

Article by Stew

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5 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Ask me anything returns”

  1. Catarina Says:

    What’s the advantages and disadvantages of real estate investing? Are you doing any? What are your tips for a beginner like me?

  2. Cindy Says:

    Hi Stew,

    I love to read your posts. Please keep on writing. You have a great way to include the Christian perspective that others do not have naturally :)

    Actually, I am getting married next year. Do you have any tips from you and Mrs. Stew for planning the last few months before the wedding? I know I can get too excited and I would not stick to the initial budget.

    Also, I think that it is really important to discuss our couple finances and to make decisions together about budgets, our short- and long-term goals, and our investment strategies. How Mrs. Stew and you are managing money issues.

    Thank you!!!

  3. Kate Says:

    “I have run several of my own blogs – personal finance, sports, politics, and theology.”

    oooo! Blogs about everything! I had only one blog in my career..

  4. James Says:

    How do you teach your children about money? Any advices on teaching children the value of money?

    Thank you.

  5. battery-stores Says:

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